• Stratcom's Paul Erasmus says he was sent out to destroy Winnie Mandela & the plan succeeded

    When Nelson Mandela was released, Erasmus was given a four-year plan to deceive people. A big part of that propaganda was to spread the idea that Winnie Madikizela-Mandela killed Stompie Seipei. He says the populist elements in the ANC had to be neutralised by the apartheid government, such as the likes of Nelson Mandela, Peter Mokaba, Chris Hani and others. Erasmus adds that he was sent out to destroy Madikizela-Mandela and his plan succeeded. #PaulErasmus #Apartheid #Stratcom

  • 'What sort of legacy have I left?': Ex-apartheid cop on life during Stratcom

    Mpho Lakaje speaks to Paul Erasmus, a former Stratcom police officer, who says that his Truth and Reconciliation Commission application for amnesty horrified him and ended his marriage. After that, he says he realised that they were more situations that he forgot about that only came out after the commission. #PaulErasmus #Apartheid #Stratcom

  • FILE: Paul Erasmus. Picture: Mpho Lakaje/EWN.

    Stratcom: What it actually was and means

    Stratcom, also known as Strategic Communications, was a police unit setup to create and spread false narratives against political enemies of the National Party government.