• File picture: Previous research has found indications of water on the sunlit surface - but these were unable to distinguish between water and hydroxyl.

    Moon richer in water than once thought

    The moon was believed to be bone dry until around a decade ago, when a series of findings suggested that our nearest celestial neighbour had traces of water ice in permanently-shadowed craters at its polar regions.

  • A full moon is seen in the sky near Liverpool, in north-west England, in the early hours of 24 June 2013. Picture: AFP

    Nokia and Nasa to install 4G on the Moon

    The $14.1 million contract, awarded to Nokia's US subsidiary, is part of Nasa's Artemis programme which aims to send the first woman, and next man, to the moon by 2024.

  • Picture: Twitter/@NASA

    Nasa plans for return to Moon to cost $28 billion

    Congress, which faces elections on 3 November, will have to sign off on the financing for a project that has been set by President Donald Trump as a top priority. The $28 billion would cover the budgetary years of 2021-25.

  • FILE: An image of the moon. Picture: Pixabay.com.

    How conspiracy theories followed man to the Moon

    Millions of people across the world still believe that no one has ever walked on the Moon, and that the images that Nasa broadcast in July 1969 were shot in a Hollywood studio.

  • FILE: The moon turned dark before shining orange, brown and crimson in the shadow during the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century on 27 July. Picture: @NASA/Twitter.

    Nasa dubs 2024 Moon mission 'Artemis,' asks for $1.6 billion

    In March, US President Donald Trump's administration moved the date for the next American lunar mission up by four years from its original goal of 2028 while pledging to get a female astronaut to the Moon's surface for the first time.