Grizelda Grootboom, author of Exit

New Beginnings

Grizelda Grootboom shares the journey of her life as a child living on the streets of Cape Town, how she experienced everything from human trafficking, sex slavery, a life of prostitution and drug addiction. The book 'Exit!' is the story of Grizelda's life of prostitution and how she ultimately escapes it all to find her New Beginning in life.

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Dave Smith , recovering drug addict

Capetownian Dave Smith met his then wife in 1986. They got married in 1992, and children and lived a fairly normal life. However, in 2000 he left his wife for another man. During this period in his life, he became heavily involved in the party scene – involving drugs, sex and alcohol. By 2004 he became addicted to alcohol and crystal meth amphetamine at which point his ex-wife handed him an ultimatum - test clean or lose visitation rights to their kids. In 2009 he sought help from Narcotics Anonymous and has been clean ever since! Hear Dave’s story as he speaks to CapeTalk’s Pippa Hudson…

Michelle Hattingh, author of 'I am the Girl who was Raped'

Michelle Hattingh has written a book that could not be more topical, more relevant or more painful to read. She is a former University Stellenbosch student, and was raped on the very day that she delivered her Psychology Honours paper on rape. In the book, 'I am the Girl who was Raped', Michelle gives a detailed description of her ordeal.

Khayelitsha’s young aspiring wine maker, Banele Vakele

Banele Vakele is an aspiring wine maker from Khayelitsha. He developed an interest in wine making while doing his matric at the Cape Academy of Maths, Science and Technology in Constantia. He shares his life story with Pippa Hudson, take a listen.

New Beginning - First Job Moving To A New City

Moving to a new city away form family and friends could be a rather daunting task. Sithandwa Ngwetsheni moved to Cape Town from Port Elizabeth and had a fair share of good and bad moments. She shares her story with CapeTalk's Pippa Hudson.

New CFCR Director, Phephelaphi Dube, discusses the work of the CFCR

Phephelaphi Dube is the new Director of the Centre for Constitutional Rights (CFCR). She speaks to CapeTalk's Africa Melane about her new journey as Director and thoroughly explain the work of Centre for Constitutional Rights. Dube will be occupying the position previously held by Adv Johan Kruger with effect from 1 May 2016.

A suicide attempt that led to a New Beginning

When he was 12 years old, Daryl Brown attempted suicide for the first time. In 2013 Daryl made a decision to end his life for good. He jumped in front of a moving train and thought it was all over. Miraculously, that didn’t work but left him paralysed instead. Listen to Daryl talk about his battle against depression.

New Beginnings: From Rwanda to working as a car guard and now a PhD student

Alice Wamundiya comes from a background where the importance of education is emphasised. When she settled in South Africa after her family fled the Rwandan genocide, she decided to help other refugees and asylum-seekers with their education. After she fought very hard to get into university, she managed to obtain a BA degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Development Studies and is currently working on her PhD at UWC, broadly looking at Migration and Displacement under the UWC’s Centre for Humanity Research.

Amy-Lee Daniel's dream to study at Columbia University

Amy-Lee Daniels was offered an opportunity to further her studies at one of the world’s most prestigious universities, Columbia University in the US. Like many students in South Africa, she is struggling to get funding to make her dream a reality.  Amy-Lee shares her story with CapeTAlk's Pippa Hudson...

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