Considering the plight of educators

Locked And Down

Educational psychologist Dr Gloria Marsay joins Cindy to talk through some of the challenges faced by educators during lockdown. Dr Marsay makes the case for educators to be acknowledged as frontline health workers.

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Supporting the sick or elderly

Cindy Poluta is joined by Clinical Psychologist Dessy Tzoneva to talk about looking after a loved ones metal health - how to look out for them, what you should be looking for, how to navigate crucial conversations that can indicate issues.

Tips for handling teens (and Matrics!) in lockdown

Clinical Psychologist, Liane Lurie chats to Cindy poluta about helping teens manage their mental health during lockdown (as well as tackling disappointment, change in school schedule, not being able to see friends, sports, etc.)

On Managing Homeschooling

Feel like a novice at homeschooling - and the dyanmics that come with it? Clinical psychologist Candice Cowen, rejoins Cindy Poluta to share techniques to manage varying anxieties during lockdown.

Handling children during lockdown

Clinical psychologist Candice Cowen, who specialises in children and anxiety, advises Cindy Poluta on techniques to manage children during lockdown - but also on how best to frame COVID-19 to them.

On staying motivated

Author & Executive Coach Neil Bierbaum joins Cindy Poluta to unpack strategies for staying motivated while working from home.

Problem solving through social support

Cindy Poluta calls on clinical psychologist Colinda Linde to help with the problem solving side of mental health during lockdown. Dr Linde shares her 5 kinds of social support systems and ways to cope over this time of distancing.

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