Considering the plight of educators

Locked And Down

Educational psychologist Dr Gloria Marsay joins Cindy to talk through some of the challenges faced by educators during lockdown. Dr Marsay makes the case for educators to be acknowledged as frontline health workers.

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On handling Grief

Psychology Honours Graduate from Wits, Riyasat-Jaan Khana, joins Cindy Poluta to talk about grief in a time of lockdown. Khana is also a telephonic counsellor with The South African Depression and Anxiety Group and shares a unique experience from performing the role.

Anxieties around kids returning to school

Cindy Poluta is joined by Educational Psychologist Viviana Schwendinger to unpack some of the likely emotional responses around children returning to school - and the anxieties that go with it.  

Turning troubled times into valuable lessons learned

SADAG's Cassey Chambers joins Cindy Poluta to mark the day which WOULD have been the end of 21 days of lockdown - but which now serves as a reminder that so much is beyond our control. Thanks to lockdown, we're also learning to be ok with that :) 

The power of staying positive

Cindy Poluta is joined by Rudi Keil, CEO of BMoved Wellness to talk through wide-ranging wellness strategies over this time.

Tips for working during lockdown (from someone who knows!)

Ian Bessarabia – an Experience Coach specializing in emotional intelligence linked to workplaces of the future - has been in a semi lockdown for almost a year. He shares his unique story with Cindy Poluta and also tips on how to make it a time of opportunity.

Managing finances

Craig Turton of Easy Equities shares practical tips with Cindy Poluta on how to reduce expenditure and improve management of family finances during lockdown.

The role of Meditation

Colinda Linde rejoins Cindy Poluta to share the benefits of regular mediation in managing exceptional and everyday anxieties and leads Cindy through a basic meditation as an illustrative example.

Emotional Eating

Cindy chats to mindful eating and life coach Xenia Ayiotis about awareness around binge eating, mindless eating - and not eating at all. Xenia cautions that now is not the time to be dieting and worrying about your weight.


A national lockdown is unchartered territory for everyone - including businesses, trying to survive in the face of massive economic uncertainty. Cindy Poluta is joined by behaviour change advisor and coach Zandi Mathe for advice on how to emotionally manage a process like retrenchment.

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