#StrangerThings3: is this really the end? #BingeLeague

Binge League: The League of Extraordinary Bingers

After all of the #BingeLeague have been glued to their screens season 3 ends just as quickly as it arrived (the nature of the binge life). There is so much to talk about in this thrilling finale! Action packed, emotionally charged, and so many questions still to be answered! Most importantly the #BingeLeague discuss the theories and concerns about THAT character death. Is this really the end?

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#StrangerThings3: Horror heavy Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of Stranger Things #BingeLeague

In this episode of the #BingeLeague the panel dive into the horror heavy Chapter 5 and 6 of Stranger Things. From eerie hospital showdowns with goo monsters to Billy confronting El in her inter-dimensional travels theses episodes are packed with skin-raising spookiness. Let us not forget the all important introduction of Alexei (Smirnoff). The #BingeLeague waste no time in deciphering these all important chapters before the season climax. 

#13ReasonWhy: The 5 main suspects... #BingeLeague

In Episode 2 The League ain’t wasting no one’s damn time. Not a minute of it. This season is clearly a murder mystery and The League take it upon ourselves to pick out FIVE of our lead suspects and why it’s possible that they were the one to deal the final blow. BOOM. BANG. Don’t want to miss it it’s a flippen hot podcast. #BingeLeague 

#BlackMirror: Is Black Mirror season 5 a little risque? #BingeLeague

The #BingeLeague is back for another action-packed podcast season. The League has chosen the immensely popular series Black Mirror as our next popcorn and pizza filled binge-ing victim and this episode has the League split! Striking Vipers is the first episode in season 5 and in true Black Mirror fashion has humanity and technology wrapped up in a delicious, disturbing and delicate mess. This episode has the League asking, what is your vice friend?   

#StrangerThings3: The start of Stranger Things Season 3 #BingeLeague

The #BingLeague is back and with needle-like precision are ready to dissect Stranger Things season three. How strange do things really get in the world renowned kids-on-bicycles series? In this episode the team introduce special guests and look at the first two episodes and so far everyone is glued to their screen! Are you enjoying the first episodes, are you not? Either way the #BingeLeague is back to Binge and decipher as only they know how!

#13ReasonWhy: Why, everyone is a suspect... #BingeLeague

The League is BACK. We let this one simmer like fine wine. Until the audience was frothing at the mouth for our infinite wisdom. In episode one of The Binge League concerning 13 Reasons Why we SET. THE. DAMN. SCENE. A school shooter is still on the loose, a boy is missing, children try and handle it without a shred of professional help and all the while adults are the WORST (appparently?) tune in ek se. #BingeLeague

#13ReasonWhy: Anticipation for 13 Reasons Why Season 3 #BingeLeague

The horn of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has once again been blown, summoning the brahs and brahettes to our stations. In anticipation of Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, we came together to recap seasons 1 and 2 of the important series and emotions flew a bit high. We can’t wait to dive into another superb series, so join us for yet another season of the #BingeLeague! You can find our other #BingeLeague seasons by clicking here!

#StrangerThings3: All about the 80's in Stranger Things Season 3 #BingeLeague

In this episode the #BingeLeague focuses on all the incredible 80s references you may have missed while watching the rising action of this Stranger Things season. The League is boosted by the knowledge of a Superfan guest and are amazed at how deep the Duffer brothers take their references; to films at the that appear in the series, to comic books, to references of their own stories and creatures. This episode of the #BingeLeague has facts on facts on facts for your satis-fact-ion. 

#BlackMirror: Would you close your social media accounts? #BingeLeague

The #BingeLeague are back at it with gloves pulled tight and an episode to dissect! Episode 2 of Black Mirror is one of the closest to home, in terms of time and theme. The episode “Smithereens” is set in 2018 and focuses on the terrible side effects of these devices that make or lives so much better. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that hits a little too close for some in the #BingeLeague

#BlackMirror: Deception and obsession is the theme... #BingeLeague

In the blink of an eye another season of Black Mirror comes and goes! The #BingeLeague were buckled in to be shooketh to our very core with what is sure to be another gut-wrenching finale and what happened was a bit... well we’re not really sure. Miley Cyrus somewhat reprises her role as Hannah Montana but this time, it’s most definitely not “the best of both worlds.” Depression deception and obsession is all what this episode is about! 

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