[LIVE BLOG] The Decision: ConCourt rules National Assembly speaker CAN authorise #SecretBallot vote

The Constitutional Court has delivered its judgment in the case dealing with Parliament's ability to allow MPs to cast secret ballots in a no-confidence vote.

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ConCourt to rule in #SecretBallot

Posted by Eyewitness News on Thursday, 22 June 2017

Let's take a look at some reaction following the ruling

The President and the Speaker have been ordered to pay the costs of the UDM, EFF, IFP & Cope.

That's a lot of moola!

BREAKING NEWS: The Constitutional Court rules National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete does have the power to authorise a secret ballot during a motion of no-confidence against the president.

Mogoeng: The speaker made it clear she was not opposed to allowing a motion of no confidence, only whether a secret ballot was permissible and constitutional.

Mogoeng says Baleka Mbete was mistaken by first stating she didn't have the power to institute a secret ballot during a motion of no confidence against the President

Mogoeng: There must always be a rational basis for the decision the speaker makes when considering the vote.

Mogoeng: The power that vests in the speaker belongs to the people and must thus not be exercised arbitrarily or whimsically.

Comment: That is a powerful statement for us all to remember, every time the National Assembly sits.

Mogoeng says the National Assembly has the power to make a determination on which procedure to follow to vote in a motion of no confidence.

The Chief Justice reminds us that the Constitution is s silent on procedure to remove a president through a motion of no confidence.

Mogoeng: A motion of no confidence can sometimes be more devastating than an impeachment. A motion of no confidence doesn't need a two-thirds majority and it would have wider implications, not just for the president, but for his/her deputies too.

Mogoeng: There may come a time when [regular] measures aren't effective [to hold the president and his/her cabinet to account].

Mogoeng: MPs must ensure that the will of the people finds expression through the institutions which serve them.

The court isn't taking this matter lightly.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is reading through the Constitutional Court's judgment. Remember, this is a unanimous judgment, meaning all the justices who are hearing the case have agreed.

The UDM has received support from a broad spectrum of opposition parties, as they push to have President Jacob Zuma removed.

Cartoonists Curtis and Mgobhozi give us their take on the case before the Constitutional Court.

Good morning. Welcome to EWN's live blog on the Constitutional Court's decision regarding whether MPs can cast ballots in secret during a motion of no confidence against the president.