[LIVE BLOG] Zuma addresses the crowd outside court

The case of former president Jacob Zuma has been adjourned to 8 June.

[WATCH LIVE] Former president Jacob Zuma appears in the Durban high court.

The crowd is swelling... 

WATCH: You don't have to miss his singing anymore because we bring it to you! Zuma sings: “I have been wounded by people I grew up with.”

Zuma sings 'Umshini wami'. This song means brings my machine gun.

uBaba sings, but not a popularised song...

Zuma concludes his speech...

"Your unity is the secret to success, when you're not united, the enemy gets easy access." Zuma thanks his supporters. 

Zuma talks about how black people have suffered over the years and how their burden is heavy.

Zuma says other politicians know nothing about politics.

"It's clear to me that while everyone has rights I don't have rights. It's fortunate that others have not been beaten up." Zuma continues. Who will be beaten up? Stay tuned...

"Your presence here means you understand how the Constitution works... Those who want the case to carry on, may not see it carrying on" Zuma says.

Zuma says people who already see him a prisoner amaze him.

"I won't say much because there are journalists here..." Zuma says.

"Opposition parties are the ones who have been pushing for the case to go forward for over a decade. " He says

Zuma says he wants the spy tapes must be played for the whole country to listen to.

"There are things that follow you even if you try to dodge them," the former president says. He is talking in isiZulu. He talks about how this case seems to disappear then reappear. 

Zuma also thanks the Premier of KwaZulu-Natal Willies Mchunu.

"God's servants stand for the truth." Zuma says.

uBaba addresses the crowd! We are here for this.

"I am happy, wear the t shirts , Zuma is the ANC, opportunists are running away." Motsoeneng said.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng is now addressing the crowd.

BLF leader Andile Mngxitama says Zuma is being targeted because of radical economic transformation: 

[WATCH] The thousands of Zuma supporters march towards him as he walks out of the high court to go and address them.

Some points on Zuma charges:

• The State is ready to prosecute. The 1st available date is 12 November.
• Zuma will challenge case on 2 fronts.
• Zuma will review NDPP's decision to prosecute.

"Pray for Jacob Zuma." That's the message from Zuma supporters, as they head to court to pray for him.

[ICYMI] "We are here to defend the blesser of education, Ubaba Jacob Zuma." One of Zuma's supporters says

ALERT: The two accused , Jacob Zuma and Thales, have been released on warning. 

"All rise." The matter is postponed to 8 June

Judge Sishi says the matter is adjourned to 8 June.

Judge Themba Sishi is hearing the matter. Hoosen Gani ,who is leading Zuma’s team has no objections to the postponement for the 8th of June. 

This trial relates to the Arms Deal. 

Purpose of the adjournment is to allow for Zuma’s legal team to sort out their review application which is looks set to be ready by end of May.

For the state , SC Billy Downers is leading the team.

The prosecution asks for a postponement of 8 June 2018. 

SC Kemp J Kemp is not here as expected today. 

[WATCH] Zuma entering the court room...

Zuma sitting in the dock.

Zuma is now in court, he's sitting in the dock. Pictures will follow soon...

We now take you back to some commentary from some tweeps:

Also in attendance is Hlaudi Motsoeneng. You remember him? He was the former SABC COO, AKA 90% local content. 

Most if not all the members of the now disbanded KZN ANC PEC, including Willies Mchunu and Sihle Zikalala.

[WATCH] Prayer session for Zuma by the clergy before he goes inside

"Awuleth' Umshini Wami!" The popularised Zuma song is rendered by the Mthwalume Brass band.

Hand-in-hand, side by side marchers including priests, soldiers, brass band members... They are all marching for Zuma. Nearly at the courthouse

"This is personal," says friend and supporter of Zuma, Obed Mbatha.

Whistles, ululations, dancing and singing... All of these are characteristics of people marching to court, well to support someone, like a former president. Okay watch as marchers head to court

Super Zuma, KZN Former Secretery general, is also present to support Zuma.

'Crook place'! No sorry, BLF members have also joined ANC members in support of the former president.

Zuma’s son Edward has told Eyewitness News that the former president feels betrayed by the ANC.

Some of the ANC regalia on sale today is bearing the face of the former president, this despite the ANC NEC urging members not to wear ANC regalia for this march: 

We take you back to the 'crook place'! In February, BLF members marched to Luthuli House, to demand that Zuma finish his term. Watch as a BLF member gives reasons why Zuma should not step down (he later stepped down).

Reaction to the marches

Let's get some social media reaction to the Zuma marches...

[WATCH] Song and dance as Zuma's supporters make their way to a local park

Supporters of Zuma are meeting at a local park before marching to the Durban High Court. 

Zuma's supporters held a night vigil in his support.

What do we know so far?

The big day has arrived for Zuma. He is expected to answer to charges of fraud, corruption and racketeering.

Good morning and welcome to EWN's live blog about former president Jacob Zuma's day in court and his thousands of supporters who march in his honour.