[LIVE BLOG] #StateCaptureInquiry: Vytjie Mentor details how she was offered minister's position

Former African National Congress (ANC) MP Vytjie Mentor is the next witness to testify at the state capture inquiry today.

Advocate says requests to appear before the commisision were sent to a number of individuals implicated in state capture.

Sello requests an adjournment so Mentor can study a few documents. Zondo excuses her.

Mentor laid a charge with Hawks. She laid complaints about Berning Ntlemeza and Khomotso Phahlane with Ipid.

Advocate Sello says she won't finish questioning Mentor today.

Mentor says Gupta knew that Zuma would reshuffle cabinet. She says there wasn't even media speculation of such. She was offered enterprises ministry. Gupta said they could put in a word for her with the president. He said "We normally do," in reference to the Guptas suggesting ministers to Zuma.

Mentor has used the word 'lulled' a few times to describe her mental state when she met various people.

Mentor says she didn't expect to meet Zuma at saxonwold.

Advocate Sello asks Mentor where she got photos of Saxonwold, she says in the media.

Mentor is asked to identify Saxonwold.

She now speaks about driving to Saxonwold.

Mentor says she was told the #Guptas would be the uranium supplier for the nuclear build which was planned.

When asked the name of this Gupta brother, Mentor says she can't remember because their first names are difficult. She tells them apart by their physique.

Gupta knew the Zuma meeting agenda.

Gupta knew Mentor was meeting with Zuma. Gupta said Zuma will be late. Mentor was not happy with this.

Gupta told her about how they came to SA.

Gupta offered to buy cricket gear for Mentor's son.

Gupta took particular interest in her son.

Atul Gupta asked about her family. She talked about her kids.

Mentor now speaks on meeting Atul Gupta in Joburg

Lunch break is now over. Mentor's testimony resumes.

Lunch time.

Mentor arrived at Sahara Computers, the Gupta's tech company.

Mentor says the Guptas fetched her from the airport. She says she may have recognised Rajesh.

The issues is with dates which don't correspond.

Sello points out issues with Mentor's flights.

She got on a flight to Joburg and was met by two men.

Mentor says says in September and October 2010 she got a call from a woman saying, her meeting with Zuma has been approved. 

She was also told Atul Gupta will phone her regards logistics. He did and they discussed logistics.

The payment of the China trip is now being combed over. PE minister at the time, Barbara Hogan, was not happy with costs being footed by SOE.

Mentor says she met one of Zuma's wives on her way back to SA.

Mentor cut her China trip short.

Mentor called her PA to arrange for her to go home.

"I was not going to, as a woman, go to Pres Zuma, who had a reputation with women."

Gupyta threatened to tell Zuma that Mentor was refusing to come. He said Zuma insists.

Mentor was not comfortable being driven by the Guptas to Zuma.

Mentor was worried about how they got her number.

While in her room, the room phone rang. She spoke to one of the Gupta bros. "He may have said his name," she says. He told her that he has been sent by former president Zuma to bring her to the Chinese guest house where Zum was staying. 

Mentor skipped the Chinese state banquet and went to her hotel room.

She thought there had been a discussion beforehand to agree on ignoring her.

Mentor says this hurt her.

Mentor says during this event, she was not recognised when she raised her hand.

Tags they were wearing gave them a very important role. Minister of Trade Rob Davies was also there. 

In China, Mentor says the Guptas were in charge.

Mentor says she can separate the Gupta bros in terms of looks, but not names. She says she often uses the alphabet to help her.

Advocate Sello proposes including statements from the Hawks.

Tea break is over.

We now adjourn for a tea break.

Mentor says the Gupta bros were seemingly in charge of the processes at the banquet

Mentor met Rajesh at a banquet in China.

Mentor says Ajay and Atul are two confusing names.

Mentor says she was always mixing up Ajay and Atul's names.

Mentor is asked the names of these men. She says it wasn't important to make an effort an effort to remember the names. But later on, she took note of one name - Rajesh Gupta.

One of them Duduzane Zuma introduced her too, pointed out that his brother had gone ahead to China and that he was leading the president's team.

A few tweeps are not buying Mentor's testimony so far.

She didn't reference Hlongwa or Hlongwane in her interview with Madonsela. Mentor says she simply forgot to tell her about it. 

Mentor says she met with Madonsela once. In that interview, she discusses the meeting with Duduzane Zuma.

Advocate Sello now pulls up Mentor's conversation with Thuli Madonsela.

Zondo jokes that Mentor mustn't confuse his surname with Zondi.

Mentor is still struggling to differentiate between Hlongwa and Hlongwane.

In her book, Mentor says the man was Brian Hlongwa, a different man. Advocate asks for clarity. Mentor says there is inaccuracy in referring to Hlongwa. She says it was not him.

Reference is now made of Mentor's book, "No Holy Cows".

A black man was introduced to her, this man was Fana Hlongwane.

Mentor met Duduzane Zuma while on a connecting flight to Dubai. Zuma introduced himself and two other people. Zuma told her she was doing a sterling job in Parliament. The two people were "Indian-looking". Zuma said, "Can I introduce you to my chairman."

Mentor details how she was required to fly via Dubai because she was a late addition to the delegation. Was booked on first class ticket on Emirates.

Mentor says Transnet paid for her travel and accommodation. 

Mentor met with SOEs in China.

Parliament's portfolio committee was visiting China. But Mentor had to first go alone, the be followed by the rest of the committee.

Mentor now goes into detail of the China trip.

Mentor says she believes she was removed from the public enterprises in 2010 because she refused to meet with Jacob Zuma in China and refused to ok SAA's India route.

Mentor is now taken through her testimony affidavit.

"I want to say that, I stand before you today... difficult as it is, in pursuit of... breaking ranking and differing when issues of principle are meddled with and when things that should not be done, are done."

"When it was not fashionable for MPs... to hold the executive accountable, I made it a point... that I abide by the Constitution and that I follow my conscience." Mentor says this was referred to as having public spats with members.

Mentor says she broke ranks a few times based on her beliefs of what was wrong. She makes an example of when she took on the ANC chief whip when he sexually harassed a 21-year-old woman. She says she faced a lot of pressure from party members to let it go. At the end of the disciplinary matter of the sexual harassment, the chief whip had to vacate his post.

Mentor starts off by talking about her history in the ANC.

Mentor confirms that she has provided a statement that she prepared with the assistance of her lawyers. Mentor also states that the statement is that one in the files.

Advocate Mahlape Sello from the inquiry's legal team is leading Vyjie Mentor's evidence. Mentor is the third witness to testify following Mcebisi Jonas on Friday.

Former African National Congress (ANC) MP Vytjie Mentor is the third witness to testify at the state capture inquiry. Mentor has been a strong critic of the ANC, former president Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family - among other things - making a number of damning claims against them.

She also helped blow the lid on state capture when she gave evidence to former Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela.