LIVE BLOG: EFF chased away by ANC members in KZN ward

The first day of the voter registration weekend for the 1 November local government elections is well under way.

Malema is in KwaDambuza to monitor voter registration.

It seems the EFF has run into some trouble in KZN, courtesy of the ANC.

Where is Ace Magashule?

Parties are still working the ground.

Other leaders have also expressed their shock and sadness at his death.

As the second day of voter registration weekend kicks off, the political fraternity is mourning the death of Joburg's mayor Jolidee Matongo who tragically died in a car accident on Saturday night after being on the campaign trail with ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa.  President Cyril Ramaphosa said he was deeply saddened by the tragedy.

You can join us tomorrow for further coverage of the voter registration weekend. Until then, have a great rest of your Saturday.

The first day of voter registration has ended. If you have not managed to register for the 1 November local government elections, don't worry, you'll have another chance to do so tomorrow. Registration centres open at 8am and will close at 5pm tomorrow.

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa faced a bit of jeering during his campaigning in Soweto today. Amid complaints about the electricity supply, he was accused of only wanting the residents' vote ahead of elections. Read the rest of the story here.

The voter registration process has largely been a smooth process, with technical glitches and some service delivery protests the only issues on the day. According to the IEC, the technical problems have been resolved while calm has been restored in the areas affected by protests.

There are just over 30 minutes to go before the first day of voter registration comes to a close.

In that order, the IEC's application was dismissed but the commission was ordered to determine whether it was possible to hold voter registration for an election between 27 October and 1 November. If it determined that it was possible, it had to notify the Cogta minister and the public about the determination and then hold the voter registration and amend the timetable where applicable.

The Constitutional Court has issued a notice to say that will issue its reasons for the order relating to the IEC's application for a postponement of the local government elections later today. They were meant to issue the reasons to the parties involved at 3pm today.

The voter registration process in KZN has been given the stamp of approval by the EFF's Julius Malema, who is campaigning in the area. Click here to find out what he had to say about the registration process.

With 1 November set to be officially proclaimed as the election date on Monday, the IEC earlier this week said that it had officially requested that election day be declared a public holiday

EFF leader Julius Malema is in KZN, ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa is in Soweto while the DA's John Steenhuisen is in Cape Town.

The voter registration weekend presents one of the few chances for the electorate to interact with political parties in person as the parties set up shop outside the more than 23,000 registrations sites across the country. If they're lucky, the citizenry may even get the election pitch from the political big guns themselves.

The IEC said that it was expecting to see an increase in traffic at the registration centres and online during the afternoon.

IEC has been working with the SAPS and local leadership to restore calm in the areas that have seen protests, says Mamabolo.

10,000 people had registered online before the briefing. Mamabolo says that it appears that there is great interest in the online registration system.

Mamabolo elaborates on the areas of protest, saying that there were some protests in Soweto, KZN around the Pietermaritzburg area and in Tzaneen in Limpopo. He said that the protests happened at less than 60 centres.

The IEC has noted the Constitutional Court's notice that it will announce on 18 September at 3pm the reasons for the order it handed down on 3 September and is looking forward to it.

The online system will remain open until the date of proclamation is done on 20 September, says Mamabolo.

The VMDs are working well despite some teething problems in the first two hours of the morning. The commission took a decision to take down the online system to resolve a mapping issue with the website. This did not affect the VMD registration process. The issue has been resolved.

About 98% of registration centres opened on time. Some did not due, to service delivery protests.

Over 104,000 South African have visited the IEC stations so far, Chief Electoral Officer, Sy Mamabolo, says.

The IEC's briefing on the voter registration has begun.

The ruling ANC said that it would get its election campaign going on 27 September.

There'll be lots of colourful posters going up on lamp poles across nation as some political parties get their election campaigns under way. Below are just some of the parties that have gotten their election machinery into gear:

And while the legal wrangling over the opening of the candidate nominations is ongoing, that hasn't stopped the political parties from getting into campaign mode. A number of parties have already launched their campaigns with their election posters and mayoral candidates.

The issue of the opening of candidate nominations has been a hot topic in recent weeks, with the IEC being taken to the Constitutional Court over the matter.

The IEC’s chairperson Glen Mashinini, at the time, said that in light of the fact that the commission had to hold a voter registration weekend, this meant that a number of amendments would have to be made to the election timetable, including setting a new deadline for candidate nominations.

The reopening of candidate nominations has been seen by some political parties as favouring the ruling African National Congress (ANC) after it failed to register candidates to contest in 93 municipalities.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), the main opposition, has taken the IEC to the Constitutional Court over the matter. The ANC is opposing the DA in this matter.

According to the IEC's election timetable, 20 September will see the opening of candidate nominations for political parties. The parties also have to submit party lists and pay their deposits. The cut-off date for this is 21 September.

Once the voters' roll is closed following the proclamation of the election date, the IEC will have an open inspection of the voters' roll for objections to additions to it.

It seems like the IEC's online registration system is experiencing technical difficulties. We'll keep an eye on this and let you know once this has been resolved.

While the IEC has announced 1 November as the date for the local government elections, the date still has to be officially proclaimed by government. This will be done on Monday, 20 September by Cooperative Governance Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Once this is done, you are no longer able to register to vote on election day. Registration is open until 5pm today and on Sunday.

You can check your voter registration status online at
Once you have confirmed your identification, you will be able to see whether you are registered or not, your ward, who your ward councillor is and their affiliation as well as where your voting station is.

South Africa also has 1,479 registered political parties - 300 operate at the national level and 1,179 at municipal level.

Here are some interesting facts about the South African electorate:
- There are 25,714,840 registered voters.
- 14.2 million are female and 11.5 million are male.
- The 30-39 age group has the most registered voters.
- Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal have the most registered voters at 23.88% and 20.74% respectively.
- The Northern Cape has 2.34% of the country's registered voters.

To ensure that your data is captured immediately and accurately, the IEC has rolled out a new voter management device (VMD). This is a tablet-like device that replaces the old zip-zip machine that has been used since 1998.

Without an ID, you will not be able to register to vote.

Mobile Home Affairs kiosks and banks will also be able to assist with IDs.

But what if you don't have one? Well, more than 250 Home Affairs offices across the country will be open to help with the issuing of temporary identity certificates and ID collection.

Your ID book or card.

So what is required to register?

Citizens, though, are also able to register online. This can be done by visiting the IEC's online portal and following through with the process.

The IEC has emphasised that citizens do not have to be vaccinated to register, with Chief Electoral Officer, Sy Mamabolo, saying earlier in the week that South Africa's vaccination programme was not linked to the voter registration process.

With the registration taking place during the pandemic, the electoral commission has assured South Africans that COVID-19 measures have been put in place to ensure that registration sites do not become superspreader sites

The IEC has recruited more than 50,000 people to ensure that two-day registration process runs smoothly.

The more than IEC 23,000 sites across the country opened at 8am this morning and will be open until 5pm today.

Good morning South Africa. Welcome to our live coverage of the first day of the voter registration weekend for the 1 November local goverment elections.