LIVE BLOG: SA moves to adjusted level 2 lockdown as of 13 Sept

President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the nation on Sunday on the latest interventions by government in response to the coronavirus.

Ramaphosa has ended his speech.

"The day will soon come when we can gather again without restrictions."

8.3 million COVID-19 R350 grants were approved. 3.7 million were declined because applicants had other sources of income or were registered for UIF etc. 845,000 are still in the approval process.

He says men should continue to respect women of SA.

Ramaphosa says these gruesome acts cannot go unpunished. He says we must strengthen our resolve to tackle GBV. 

He lists some of the killings that made headlines, such as Nosicelo Mtebeni, who was killed and dismembered by her boyfriend.

Ramaphosa now speaks about gender-based violence.

SA goes to the polls on 1 November. It is vital to prevent a resurgence of infections.

"This virus is still with us," says Ramaphosa. He says the most urgent task is to vaccinate as many people as possible before another resurgence.

Vaccine drive offers an opportunity to open up many businesses, such as entertainment, that have been closed.

Funerals remain restricted to no more than 50 people.

Wearing a mask is still mandatory. 

Government is also looking into vaccine passports.

These regulations will be reviewed in 2 weeks.

Sale of alcohol is permitted from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

Indoor gatherings are limited to 250 people or 50% of the venue capacity. Outdoor events are limited to 500.

SA moves to level 2 lockdown as of Monday. Curfew is 11pm to 4am. Restaurants, bars, gyms will need to close at 10pm.

We've seen a sustained decline in infections over the last two weeks.

He says it is up to all of us to tell our loved ones that vaccines save lives.

Ramaphosa says when we are vaccinated, we'll be able to restore our economy.

Ramaphosa reiterates that vaccines are open to all in SA, including foreigners.

Ramaphosa says vaccines are safe and offer strong protection.

More women than men are coming forward to be vaccinated. Ramaphosa urges more men to come and get the jab.

Ramaphosa says SA needs to kick up its vaccination programme.

14.6 million vaccines doses have so far been administered.

"SA is fast-becoming a vaccination site."

Ramapahosa says those who are vaccinated have a lesser chance of being seriously ill or in ICU.

Ramaphosa talks about the figures coming from the Western Cape from last week illustrating how many people with COVID-19 who are admitted in hospitals are mostly unvaccinated. The same goes for the deaths recorded

Ramaphosa has started his address.

Most provinces in the country are officially over the third wave of infections.

It is expected that Ramaphosa will move the country to level 2 lockdown.

South Africa is currently on level 3 lockdown, with the sale of alcohol prohibited between 6pm on Thursday nights and Sundays, social gatherings limited to 50 people indoors and 100 outside.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address the nation on Sunday on the latest interventions by government in response to the coronavirus.