LIVE BLOG: Ramaphosa says we need to consistently confront racism

President Cyril Ramaphosa faces questions in Parliament on Thursday as the country continues to battle COVID-19 corruption.

WATCH LIVE: President Ramaphosa answers questions in the National Assembly

Ramaphosa urges Steenhuisen to study the Constitution to look at issues that deal with inequality. 

Steenhuisen asks Ramaphosa to commit to non-racialism and scrap all policies that racially divide? 

The president calls for the nation to deduce the racial tensions in South Africa

Ramaphosa: While the Senekal and Brackenfell show our hurtful past, they don't represent the broader South Africa. We must end all forms of racism.

Ramaphosa: The events that happened in Senekal after the murder of a farmer were a contradiction of our nation. The events that happened in Brackenfell are unfortunate and go against the values of South Africa.

The president calls for South Africans to celebrate each other.

Ramaphosa assures the nation that there are various security measures in place...

Steenhuisen says Isis is growing threat in our region and Minister Patricia De Lille built a washing line fence at the border. How will he stop Isis, Steenhuisen asks.

Ramaphosa says South Africa must act as one because racism has not served us well.

The president now addresses the racial tensions in the country...

Ramaphosa says the economic plan is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The president concedes that today's unemployment figures are shocking and a true reflection of the state of South Africa.  

Steenhuisen asks Ramaphosa who must people believe? Him or Finance Minister Tito Mboweni. 

Steenhuisen: I'm sure you'll be shocked with the unemployment figures which now stand at 43%. The budget has made a lie of your plan.

The EFF's Flyod Shivambu's question is not taken...

Many questions have been about the CR17 campaign and the president again says he had no control over the funds and calls for funds to be regulated.

UDM's Holomisa struggles with network again and his question will be asked by another party member.

DA's John Steenhuisen with a follow up question...

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa struggles with network it seems.

Malema warned about his comments for telling FFP MP to sit down with his bald head.

The president tells Malema that he's on his side when it comes to fighting corruption and transparency is party funding.

Malema calls for Ramaphosa to disclose the people who funded CR17 campaign.

Ramaphosa: I've said before and will say again that this is a good time for the house to consider funding of parties to be regulated. This house must discuss that.

The EFF's question is about CR17 funds and disclosure of donations...

Okay we just got the president back, stay with us!

We've lost the president due to technology!
'A se rena ke mechene [it's not us it's technology]".

The EFF's Julius Malema now asks a question...

Ramaphosa answers saying he will sign when all processes are followed.

The Freedom Front Plus's Pieter Mulder asks why Ramaphosa didn't act on Popo Molefe in 2016 and "when will you sign the regulations so that South Africans can be assured that political parties funds are transparent?"

Ramaphosa says they [SOEs] must start standing on their own but they will be supported...

Meshoe says state owned enterprises should not be bailed out anymore.

The Hawks...

The next question is from ACDP's Kenneth Meshoe. He starts by commending the Hawks for the recent arrests made.

"The issue of the leaders of the ANC is a matter that is handled by the ANC. The ANC is dealing with these matters. Let's wait for all processes to unfold." Ramaphosa says.

DA leader John Steenhuisen asks why Ace Magashule still has his position...

The DA's John Steenhuisen starts off with the questions...

The president says Transnet is also trying to fight corruption and recover stolen monies.

Ramaphosa indicated the government wanted to launch a new crime-busting unit. The new unit will reportedly be in the mould of the Scorpions.

The president begins by lauding the Hawks for fast tracking corruption related cases.

The president has been questioned on the steps taken to deal with the Senekal situation and measures to mitigate this in future.

Ramaphosa has been asked to give more details on steps the government has taken since May last year to clamp down on corruption.

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