LIVE BLOG: Ramaphosa: Funerals have become a death trap

The Presidency announced on Monday that Ramaphosa would address the country on developments around the coronavirus pandemic.

In case you missed it...
Ramaphosa: Cabinet has decided to maintain adjusted level 3 lockdown measures. Most measures will remain in place. Most indoor and outdoor gatherings will not be permitted.

The president has ended his address. 

Ramaphosa: May God continue to bless our beautiful country and her people. I thank you.

Ramaphosa: We know what to do as a nation and as a continent to weather this storm. We know what to do to protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

The president says there are programmes in place to help end GBV and help victims. 

Ramaphosa again blasts gender-based violence as SA's second pandemic.

The president says government is doing everything they can to make sure the process is transparent.

Ramaphosa: We all want to know when the vaccine will arrive. Everyone wants to know.

The president says the vaccine will go in phases. Phase one prioritses frontline workers. Phase two: Essential workers and elderly. Phase three: Adult population of 22 million people.

Ramaphosa: We're in daily contact with all these manufacturers for COVID-19 vaccine. 

"We're in the process of getting vaccines through three channels: WHO, AU and vaccine developers." Ramaphosa said.

Ramaphosa: An effective vaccine will be a game changer in our fight against COVID-19.

He says SA nationals may return or go and people who have urgent matters in SA.

The president says border posts will remain closed until 15 February 2021

"All beaches, lakes, public swimming pools, parks and botanical gardens remain closed to the public." Ramaphosa says.

"The sale of alcohol is still not permitted." Ramaphosa says.

The president says curfew is now from 9pm-5am.

Ramaphosa: Funerals may not be attended by more than 50 people. Social distance and wear masks.

The president says funerals have become a death trap for many of our people. Stay at home unless it's necessary to be at the funeral.

Ramaphosa urges people to avoid direct contact with people. "I'd like to address funerals..."

He says continue wearing masks.

The president says it's encouraging to see more people wearing masks without fail.

Ramaphosa: If we act with urgency and more purpose, we'll be able to save more lives, reboot the economy and defeat the virus.

President also tweeting as he speaks, maybe? Maybe it's not him.

"The new variant means we must be more vigilant and diligent." Ramaphosa urges. 

The president urges people to be more strict about where they go and the number of people they interact with.

Ramaphosa: We must avoid closed spaces, crowded spaces and close contact with others.

The president is looking well rested, better than the last family meeting, wouldn't you agree?

Ramaphosa says the rate of infections in the Eastern Cape is slowing down and it's encouraging.

The president says KZN and the Western Cape have "far exceeded the peak."

Ramaphosa says since the beginning of 2021, SA has recorded deaths and infections at alarming rates.

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The president begins his address by wishing everyone well for the new year.

While we wait, let's get some reaction from the Twitter streets:

We now wait for 8pm. For our family meeting...

South Africa has had more than 21,000 new cases of COVID confirmed in the past 24 hours and 399 new deaths due to the virus.

The president is expected to make an announcement on this, as well as address the country on possible further lockdown restrictions or lifting of rules.

The national state of disaster, which has been extended every 30 days since its announcement and in line with the law since COVID-19 hit our shores, will come to an end on 15 January 2021. 

This is the first family meeting of the new year; 2021.

President Cyril Ramaphosa's addresses are now known as family meetings.

Hello and welcome to EWN's live blog about the president's address to the nation about coronavirus developments.