Special votes open across South Africa

Voting stations will be open from 8am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday with the rest of the public casting their ballots on Monday.

The City of Cape Town's Joint Operations Centre in full swing monitoring safety issues around elections.

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The National Freedom Party (NFP) says it wants to keep the late Zanele Magwaza Msibi to live on in people's hearts, promising to deliver services like she did during her lifetime. 
 The party held its final rally ahead of upcoming polls at Mangosuthu in Dumbe in KwaZulu-Natal. 
 The party says, given the chance to run a municipality, the legacy of their late leader would live forever. 
Community members say they used to receive food parcels from the late political heavyweight - while their children were assisted with bursaries. The NFP says it will commit itself in this regard. 

Although the party could not contest in the previous polls, it said it was confident that it would do well next week when voters have the final say. 

Members of the media have gathered outside the home of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s house in Cape TownT. 

At a voting station in Pacaltsdorp, in George, 88-year-old Annie Botha, says there are so many things that need to be fixed in the community. Her friend, Orah Parks, helped her get to the voting station.

New view of old rules sees parties clawing for last minute election gains

Before 1994 the Electoral Law was clear about a "cooling off" period before #elections day, and this tradition continued in the early years of democracy.
 The advent of social media has made it difficult to contain campaigning in the days before an election.
 Earlier this week the IEC issued guidelines to parties to clarify the issue.
 According to these guidelines, elections day is only on Monday and so this weekend's special voting days are excluded from this interpretation.

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New view of old rules sees parties clawing for last minute election gains

In previous years campaigning was not allowed in the period directly before the election but the social media age has forced the IEC to look at the law differently.

An important reminder by the IEC. Bring your own pen, if you can.

With special votes officially underway for the local government elections, South African National Defence Force soldiers are expected to be deployed to keep people safe in hotspots.

The president this week authorised the deployment of 10,000 troops to hotspot areas.

For those who are not mobile - officials will visit their homes but only if they have been pre-authorised.

The IEC’s Janet Love says no one will be left out.

Stations are open for special votes.

South Africans who successfully applied to cast a special vote this weekend will now get the opportunity to do so with this local government election seen by many as the most important since the advent of democracy.

Voting stations will be open from 8am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday with the rest of the public casting their ballots on Monday.

Ramaphosa:  On the 1st of November, vote for better communities. Vote for renewal. Vote for the South Africa we are rebuilding. Victory is certain.   Vote for the African National Congress. Forward to victory forward! 

Ramaphosa: We are asking you, the people of South Africa, to give us a mandate to rebuild and renew the country’s cities, towns, villages and rural areas.   By working together, we will win.

Ramaphosa: We ask you to join us in building cities and towns with safe and reliable public transport, where the streets are clean and properly maintained, where there are sports facilities for children and facilities for the elderly and infirm.

Ramaphosa: We ask you to join us in building thriving communities that are close to economic opportunities, where local traders can operate freely, where people can start their own businesses, where schools are well run and clinics are well-staffed and properly equipped.

Ramaphosa: We ask you to join us in building communities where everyone feels safe in their homes and on the street, where everyone has a decent house, where everyone has reliable electricity, clean water and sanitation.

Ramaphosa: The ANC has presented itself to the people of our country. This is a renewing ANC. It is cleansing itself. We are on a forward march to serve our people with distinction, with humility and we ask our people to join us in  building better communities,

Ramaphosa: And so we ask you, the people of South Africa, to vote for the African National Congress. We ask you to go to the polls on Monday and vote for this organisation that has changed our lives. We ask you to join us in building better communities.

Ramaphosa: It means we must remove regulations that hamper economic growth and use municipal procurement to provide a market for small local businesses. We will make sure that all qualifying households received the free basic services to which they are entitled.

Ramaphosa: It is at a local level where the recovery and transformation of our economy will take place.   This means that we must maintain local infrastructure and provide reliable and consistent services.

Ramaphosa: These social compacts should bring together councillors, local businesses, unions, traditional leaders, religious organisations, civil society and communities to address the challenges people face and to build local economies that create jobs and sustain businesses.

Ramaphosa: Just as we brought social partners together to develop an economic reconstruction and recovery plan, so too must we build local social compacts in each and every part of the country.

Ramaphosa: Local government officials must be able to do their work without undue political interference. Ultimately, the success of all these efforts depends on building partnerships at local level.

Ramaphosa: We will speedily conclude a local government skills audit and change the way in which municipal managers, chief financial officers and other senior officials are appointed.   There can be no more jobs for pals.

Ramaphosa: We are committed to be more accountable and more responsive as directed by #ANC54. One of our priorities is to improve the qualities and capabilities of officials in municipalities. Our renewal process is not just for representatives, but also for officials.

Ramaphosa: We want competent mayors who will demonstrate that they can perform and who will put the interests of our people first.

Ramaphosa: Councillors must continue to live among our people and be accountable. We will not accept councillors who will run from problems. They must be intimate with the challenges our people are experiencing and work with them to resolve those challenges. 

Ramaphosa: We have also brought young people as councillor candidates. They are well educated, well experienced and we want them to lead our municipalities. 46% of our candidates are women. They will be trained and inducted to clearly understand the task at hand.

Ramaphosa: The African National Congress is the only party that has allowed communities to select their own candidates. #ANCCandidates have signed pledges to commit themselves that they are going to work for communities, and not themselves.

Ramaphosa: This means that we need to plan better, direct resources more effectively and intensify our efforts to create economic opportunities in rural areas.

Ramaphosa: As we approach these tasks, we understand the pressure that migration from the rural areas to urban centres puts on infrastructure and services, how it fuels the growth of informal settlements and increases competition for scarce resources.

Ramaphosa: We need to be strong and we need to be firm. We know that only an organisation with a proven track record in building a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society can ensure we complete the process of fundamental social and economic transformation we have started. 

Ramaphosa: And let’s be clear about this - while the efforts to renew both the ANC and society may be difficult, while sometimes we may experience dark days, there is no going back on this path we have chosen.

Ramaphosa: Over the last two years, we have been working to implement a clear mandate for renewal and rebuilding.

Ramaphosa: We have acknowledged our mistakes, and we have also explained how we will correct our shortcomings and how, working with all South Africans, we will do better. We know that change is difficult; that fixing mistakes is much harder and more demanding than making them

Ramaphosa: As the African National Congress, we are determined to stay the course, to work harder and with more determination to correct our mistakes and build a better South Africa. As we have moved throughout the country, we have humbled ourselves before the people.

Ramaphosa: In choosing candidates, communities have said that they want local councils that reflect the composition of our society.

Ramaphosa: Communities have chosen candidates that they know and respect, men and women with experience, skills and integrity, who will put the interests of the people above their own.

Ramaphosa: The renewal of the ANC is evident in the way we have chosen our local government candidates. We have involved ordinary community members in the candidate selection process, so that ANC candidates have the support & enjoy the confidence of communities they are expected to serve.

Ramaphosa: This election is about deepening that renewal. It is about making people feel the renewal of the ANC in their daily lives and allowing them to be part of it.

Ramaphosa: They see that the ANC is sincere about its own renewal and they have seen the progress the ANC has made in rebuilding the movement to better serve the people.

Ramaphosa: They say that they love the ANC, but that we must correct our mistakes and fix the problems in local government. The people see that the ANC has the will and the ability to make a change.

Ramaphosa: People have been forthright in their criticism of the ANC because they know the ANC listens. And they know that the ANC is in a better position than any other party in this country to improve things. They have told us that the ANC belongs to them, to the people.

Ramaphosa: As we have gone throughout the country, people have raised these issues with us clearly, fearlessly and sometimes angrily. They have sometimes been critical of our performance in local government. We have heard about the ANC’s weaknesses and shortcomings.

Ramaphosa: Many communities are not getting the services they need and deserve. The provision of water, electricity, waste collection and sanitation is often unreliable, of poor quality and, for many households, unaffordable. These are the most basic needs for a decent life.

Ramaphosa: But we have also heard about the many problems and great difficulties that people experience. Families confront hunger and poverty every day. Millions of people are unemployed. Many live in informal settlements without basic services. Crime and violence are rife.

Ramaphosa: We have heard about the social grants that have lifted millions out of dire poverty, about the life-changing opportunities of no-fee schools and fee-free higher education, & about the measures government has taken to shield the most vulnerable in our society from COVID-19 effects.

Ramaphosa: We have heard about houses that have been built, about impoverished communities that now have electricity and running water, about roads that were once dusty paths that have now been tarred, about new clinics and improved schools, about streetlights and sports grounds.

Ramaphosa: Comrades we know that sometimes things get worse before they get better. We want our people to continue to trust the Africa National Congress as this is their movement. 

Ramaphosa: People are critical of ANC because they know the ANC listens and can improve their lives. 

Ramaphosa: They have raised these issues sometimes violently. They have complained about councillors and municipal officers who do not perform. 

Ramaphosa: We have had the problems of our people, the poverty, unemployment. We have heard of the violence, particularly violence against our women. As we have gone through the country we have heard our people, we have heard their issues. 

Ramaphosa: We have been around, and we have touched the pulse of our people. Our people want the ANC to emerge victorious. 

Ramaphosa: We have spoken to our people, we have heard their desire for better communities for themselves and their family members. 

Ramaphosa: We know in our culture when you have an occassion, and it rains it means that you will have blessings. 

Ramaphosa: The rain that is coming down is blessings. That is a clear sign that victory is coming. 

Ramaphosa: I can smell rain, but I can also touch victory. 

ANC's head of campaign Fikile Mbalula on Thursday said this campaign season was challenging but they managed to reach as many voters as possible.

Hundreds of people have started gathering in Soweto’s Thokoza Park for the ANC’s final elections rally tonight at 7pm.

Gwede:  We want councillors who are educated, we don't want councillors who can't read documents. 

Gwede:  Development is not like rain. First the will be houses then electricity then water. Our people need to be patient it will happen. 

Gwede: When we walk into a room people automatically say "here come the thieves", we need to rid ourselves of that image. 

Gwede: All the other parties make promises, the ANC makes commitments. 

Gwede: While we were campaigning today we  made a commitment to community members that we  will deliver water and electricity. 

Gwede: "The ANC is not working on a coalition we are working on winning the elections" said Gwede Mantashe in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga. 

Ramaphosa: Some of our people joined the DA in hopes of changing it but they failed, I won't mention any names. They are leaving one after the other. 

 Ramaphosa:  When we were voting in 1994 we wer againt the Nationalist Party, as time wnet along they changed their name to the DA. When you see the DA you must know that it's the Nationalist Party.

Ramaphosa:   On Monday all of us need to go to the polls to vote. The right to vote was not given to us on a plate, blood had to be shed. 

RamaphosaYou can trust the ANC. It's a trustworthy party. Yes there have been mistakes along the way, but we will fix them. 

"White people stop pretending. You hear me properly. I speak in your language. Don't be scared of equality because we are not anti white but seek equality."

"Party agents let's go. Motho mothong. Asijiki manje."

"The EFF is home to all academics, doctors, lawyers and accountants. We like them educated."

"If you are a Black professionals and you don't believe in the EFF, you don't take yourself seriously. Because you remain undermined by underqualified white people in the workplace."

"We need graduate allowance. If they can't give you jobs, they must pay you for going to school." 

"The VC of UCT, UNISA and WSU if you are progressive give children Sanitary towels for free. Make women feel safe in campuses."

"EFFSC we want all these universities to Vote EFF now. Make sure all those voting stations belong to the EFF. You must also fight for them by leading the struggle for student accommodation. The EFF municipality will also assist."

"Our children and youth of South Africa have affirmed the EFF in majority of Universities around the country."

"We are in permanent loadshedding, remember that on the 1st of November. People of Soweto are crying about electricity, the EFF is your only solution."

"We commit to servicing all the stands with water and electricity in Mooidraai. Like JUJU Valley in Polokwane, it will get all the services immediately when the EFF takes over polokwane."

"People of Mooidraai in Metsimaholo Municipality we heard you, yours is a liberated zone because it belongs to the EFF." 

"Diepsloot we heard you. The EFF, people of Diepsloot, are your solution to housing and electricity challenges."

"The R350 grant given by this government to our children is too little. Not even dogs of Hellen Zille or Ramaphosa eat that amount a day". 

"Leave the LGBTQI community alone. What they do with their lives has nothing to do with you. We are all human, made in God's image. We must love and protect each other. We will ensure that the LGBTQI community feels safe in EFF municipalities."

"Women are raped everyday here, that nonsense must come to an end. No rapists and those who abuse women will work for the EFF municipality."

"There's no private sector that will create jobs. It is a lie." 

"We don’t want tenders for security. We don't want tenders for cleaners. We don't want any tender to patch potholes. "

"We must go put an end to the activities of the Alexander Mafia on the 1st of November 2021." 

"People of Tembisa must remember the cries of their children on the 1st of November 2021. How their homes and shacks flood whenever it rains, because this government does not care about them."

"Here in Ekurhuleni, our people are not getting jobs unless they sleep with those in power."

"Mbalula has no contribution in politics or his own province, sewage spillages in Free State are everywhere."

" I don't know how people of Mpumalanga have accepted this nonsense to happen for this long. There is no road in Mpumalanga that has proper road infrastructure. Potholes are as big as a swimming pool."

"What is happening in Hammanskraal is not a joke. We want to commit here and now that when we take over Tshwane we will give people of Hammanskraal water within six months."

"We must never play political colors with the lives of our people. We cannot put politics ahead of human rights.

"ANC, DA and EFF, Let us put everything aside and give our people water, electricity and flushing toilets. Let the dignity of our people be restored. Let us not play politics with the lives of our people."

"You are not animals in the eyes of the EFF. We will give you inside flushing toilets."

"The EFF will never build our people outside toilets. It is not the apartheid government that is building our people outside toilets but the ANC. The EFF will build our people inside flushing toilets.'

"The RDP the ruling party is giving you are not houses but glorified mikhukhu. The real houses will be given to you by the EFF. Houses that will give our people dignity."

"They will give you yellow t-shirts on the voting day, you must refuse to wear a t-shirt that has done nothing for you. You must refuse to wear a t-shirt that has destroyed this country."

"Comrades you are not working, remember that on the 1st of November 2021."

"We are burning the snake that is the ANC on the 1st of November."

"There is enough evidence now that these people cannot fulfil their promises. The evidence is in front of you live on SABC 2, the branch of the ANC, you are here on a Friday during working hours.

What more do you want?"

"Let us not be bought by food parcels of the ruling parties because food parcels will not last forever."

"Let us not listen to the lies of the ruling party."

"They promised to increase the R350 they give you but they never did. They finished 500 billion in six months."

"Let us rather be alone than to vote for the devil to destroy South Africa."

"When you vote for the EFF you vote for you and nobody else."

"This government has shut down churches, yet the ZCC cannot gather for church. We want to watch derby but there is sickness in this government."

"Let us speak to our fellow church members, our colleagues, and everyone that the 1st of November is the DAY WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. That the vote for EFF is a vote for you."

"Let us speak to mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, relatives, neighbours and everyone who cares to listen that the 1st of November is the DAY FOR Change."

"We the torch bearers, the fearless fighters must at least convince an additional 10 voters on Election Day."

"The last and humble request we are making to all our voters is that all of us must at least speak to and bring an additional 10 other voters on the 1st of November."

"We have no reason to suspect that all of you who have decided to the vote for the EFF will change your minds in the next two days."

"You have allowed us into your homes and allowed us to speak to you about our programme for change in all municipalities."

"We want to take this opportunity to thank all registered voters who have agreed to vote for the EFF on the 1st of November 2021. Thank you for trusting us with your personal information."

"We as the leadership collective of the EFF are convinced that our message has been received well by the voters of South Africa and that we are assured that the EFF will record a decisive victory on the 1st of November 2021."

"I want to thank the ground forces, they said all manner of things about you, yet you soldiered on. I am inspired by your dedication. We salute you."

"I want to send a special thanks to the security personnel of the EFF. You left your family to protect the revolution."

"I want to send a special thanks to all the artists who participated in the campaign of the EFF, making it exciting and never got tired. You made the comfortable uncomfortable."

"Thank you commissars, provincial, regional and branch leaders for the hard work. Artist and Security personnel, Special salute ground forces. I am very humbled by your hard work."

"Since the launch of the EFF Manifesto in September 2021, all EFF Ground Forces, Councillor candidates, RCT Members, PCT Members and Commissars in the CCT have gone to every corner of South Africa to speak to and persuade as many voters as possible.

"The only representative of domestic workers, gardeners, security guards and kitchen workers, has called you here to salute you for waging a disciplined campaign for these Local Government Elections."

"On the 26th of September we issued a clarion call in the name of our struggle icon Mama Winnie Mandela, to take the message of a socialist EFF government to the townships, streets and villages of our people."

Malema is now addressing the crowd.

The official programme will now start with prayer.


EFF supporters are ready and waiting to hear from their leaders.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA)'s mayoral candidate for Johannesburg Mpho Phalatse said the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF)’s failure to self-correct was the reason why they will not consider the party as a coalition partner.

EFF leaders and supporters have started arriving at the rally. 

The ANC will get things started a bit later in Thokoza, Soweto.

The EFF will be in Katlehong, eKurhuleni today to host its final grand elections rally. The event is set to start at 11am. 

Kulsum Alexander lives in a one-bedroom house in Tafelsig with her husband and their five children. She's not happy with their circumstances and does not believe voting can make a difference. “Whenever they want us to vote is when they need our voice for them and it's not going to work. Once they have our voice, then they're no longer interested in us.”

Voter apathy appears prevalent in Mitchells Plain's Tafelsig community.

Ward 82 in the City of Cape Town is under the Democratic Alliance's control.

He accused the governing party of looting the energy for the past 10 years, effecting a "bank heist" referencing the maladministration that has plagued Eskom.

Mashaba told journalists ahead of the rally that he too was 'gatvol' of the regular power cuts and blamed the ANC for Eskom's problems.

He was speaking at his party's final elections rally on Thursday ahead of Monday's elections.

Hundreds of people clad in the neon green colours of the new kid on the block have gathered in the remains of Old Park Station in central Johannesburg for the ActionSA’s final rally.

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba has laid the blame for South Africa's current energy troubles at the feet of the governing African National Congress (ANC).

Ten thousand soldiers will be deployed across the country from Saturday until Wednesday to help the police to ensure no protests, violent attacks or any criminality keep residents from their voting stations.

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday authorised the deployment of 10,000 military officials at various identified hotspots all over the country, but it will come at a cost of R47 million.

 The deployment of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) on election day has been widely welcomed as experts say police were under severe pressure to ensure there was no violence on the streets.

Representing Democratic Alliance, mayoral candidate Geordin Hill-Lewis and Mayco member James Vos said the party had over the past 18 months re-evaluated mechanisms to make economic recovery possible and sustainable.

The Patriotic Alliance's Marvin John Sampson has highlighted there are opportunities to empower poorer communities.

The GOOD Party's mayoral candidate Brett Herron said local government, and in particular the City of Cape Town, had a massive role to play in economic growth.

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday hosted some of Cape Town's mayoral hopefuls in a webinar.

While not naming the DA, he slammed the party’s racially polarizing election posters in Phoenix. 

IFP founder and president emeritus Mangosuthu Buthelezi has taken swipes at both the DA and the EFF during the party’s closing rally in Ulundi today.


IFP leaders like current president Velenkosini Hlabisa Princess Phumzile Buthelezi the party’s women’s brigade chairperson addressed rally.

Buthelezi hit out EFF leaders Julius Malema for recent remarks he made about South Africans being lazy for having too few children.



John Steenhuisen said South Africans should do to the African National Congress (ANC) what the party had done to them.

The party held its last rally in the township in southern Johannesburg ahead of Monday’s municipal polls.

Several DA leaders are out in Eldorado Park on Thursday promising locals better governance.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Thursday urged Eldorado Park residents to vote for a party with an actual plan to end the country's power crisis.

She was addressing supporters at the party’s final rally in the Johannesburg CBD on Thursday.

Mentor told hundreds of ActionSA supporters that the party represented hope.

ActionSA's Western Cape leader Vytjie Mentor said party leaders should serve with integrity.

Elizabeth Keyster and her husband live on the corner of AC Milan Street in Freedom Park in Tafelsig - it's a working-class area with high levels of unemployment and persistent structural issues.

With just four days to go, Eyewitness News visited Tafelsig in Mitchells Plain to get a sense of what residents will be basing their votes on on election day.

Sewage, crime and jobs. Those are some of the deciding factors for Mitchells Plain residents as they prepare for Monday's local government elections.

GOOD is in the EC with leader Patricia de Lille.

The ANC and DA are carrying on with smaller campaigns today.

Uber in partnership with the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), has announced it will be offering R35 off on two rides to and from voting stations across South Africa. 

The ANC is holding it's second-last rally in Durban.

The IFP is holding its Siyanqoba rally in Ulundi, KZN.

With just three days to go before South Africans head to the local government polls, political parties have one last shot to convince voters to put an X next to their logo on the ballot paper.