LIVE BLOG: Matric 2020 pass rate is 76.2%

Minister Angie Motshekga announces the results of the 2020 NSC final exams.

The briefing has now ended.

The top performers across SA are being announcedl

Gauteng's performance

Motshekga has ended her address.

Motshekga thanks SA as a whole as well as government's cabinet.

Motshekga thanks all staff, support structures.

Motshekga says the passes of 2020 were of great quality. She says if it weren't for covid, this class could've produced the best results ever.

Top provinces recap:

6 of the top-performing districts are in Gauteng.

Tshwane South in Gauteng is the top distrcit nationally. For the second year in a row.

Northern Cape is at the bottom 66%, dropping 10 percentage points.

Free State is the top-performing province. 81.5%
Second Gauteng got 83.8%

26% achieved a diploma pass.

36.5% of learners achieved a bachelors pass.

Motshekga says they expected worse in the midst of lockdowns.

The 2020 matric pass rate is 76.2%.

76% of girls passed, 75% boys passed.

124 prisoner wrote, 71 passed with bachelors.

More learners from poor communities are achieving good results.

More than 2,100 special needs learners wrote, over 2,000 passed.

Over 70,000 learners were progressed into 2020 matric class. Over 24,000 passed.

45, 272 markers were appointed at 179 marking centres.

147 papers were ser, 8 million were printed, 706 million scripts were marked.

The June and December exams were combined.

725,034 pupils were registered to write, 607,226 wrote exams.

2020 matrics are the second cohort to have 12 subjects written.

Umalusi approved the NSC exam results.

She says parents and learners showed resilience through the pandemic.

Motshekga thanks all those who volunteered to help the class of 2020. She says they remain eternally grateful.

The class of 2020 had to sacrifice their holidays and extra hours through the year.

Almost a full school term was lost last year.

Interventions in 2020 were dedicated to saving the academic year and saving lives of staff and pupils.

Motshekga says improving quality of teaching and learning is always a top priority. 

Promoting social cohesion, health and school safety is also a priority.

The priority for this term is the implementation of a curriculum that works for the 4IR and 5IR, strengthening it and decolonising it.

The 2020 academic year will be remembered as the year that presented major challenges, says Motshekga. She adds government had to balance this as well as protecting lives.

Motshekga makes her greetings.

Motshekga now steps up to the podium.

Mhaule says in 2021, DBE is committed to boosting all official SA languages in schools.

Mhaule says in spite of difficulties, the class of 2020 exceeded expectations. She says the class would have been the strongest cohort had it not been for the pandemic.

Mhaule says no one could've imagined how turbulent 2020 would be. 

DM Regina Mhaule opens with welcoming remarks.

Five of the countries top achievers are on stage alongside the DBE officials.

Provincial MECs are not in Pretoria today, instead, they are at their various provinces with some of the provincial top achievers. This is to adhere to COVID-19 protocol.

Minister Motshekga will start her briefing at 4pm.

And if the worst does happen, education experts want matrics to understand there are options to improve their marks.

Academic manager at Abbotts College Jacques Mostert also urged young people to avoid negative self-talk.

Educational psychologist Dayne Williams said every year there’s the possibility that matriculants might fail, lose hope, and think that their future is ruined. Some even consider taking their own lives.

As the release of matric exam results looms, education experts are urging parents to speak openly with their children about their feelings and their psychological space.

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga will on Monday release the matric examinations marks for the class of 2020 - a year that will go down in history for its unpredictability and uncertainty.

It’s been a disrupted and deeply abnormal year for the class of 2020.

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