LIVE BLOG: Duduzane Zuma: I’m not corrupt

Zuma will find out why he wasn't asked about former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor's claims in the inquiry

WATCH LIVE: Duduzane Zuma concludes testimony at the Commission into State Capture.

The inquiry takes a break to get ready for the next witness.

Zondo thanks Zuma for his time. "There may be a need for you to come back."

"I appreciate your fairness and I'm honoured to be here." Zuma responds.

"Is the Gupta residence the same as any other residence on the street?" Adv Louw asks.

"It's just like any other residence. Normal lounge. Nothing special." Zuma responds.

Adv Louw asks final question...

"No charge was ever put." Louw says.

Adv Louw says the police never asked Zuma to make a statement, he was merely arrested.

Zondo says it's important that the police use their powers properly and read charges to someone being arrested.

Zuma says he's made numerous requests to law enforcement agencies to offer his help. He adds he wasn't give reasons why he was arrested. "This only happened during charge sheets."

Zuma says his arrest solely related to his meeting with Jonas and Hlongwane at the Gupta residence.

Chair Zondo asks Zuma about his arrest at OR Tambo Airport...

"I've stated clearly that I don't conduct business from my residence." Zuma said.

"My understanding is that this was not a business meeting." Zondo responds.

"Make me understand." Zondo says

Chair Zondo asks Zuma why catering would be a factor in choosing a venue for the meeting with Hlongwane and Jonas.

Zuma confirms he received a subpoena from Madonsela and he wasn't able to attend because he was travelling. 

Adv Mokoena will now ask Zuma questions...

The commission resumes...

Tea adjournment, inquiry returns at 11:40.

"I believe that I'm caught in a political storm." Zuma says. 

Zuma admits Madonsela's office invited him to give his version of events but he couldn't go because he was travelling at the time.

Adv Louw asks Zuma to talk about his concerns with then Public Protector Thuli Madonsela and the way she handled the Gupta and state capture claims

The reports says Jonas met with Ajay and Atul Gupta along with Duduzane Zuma.

Adv Louw refers to 'Sunday Times' article on Guptas offering minister jobs...

Zuma says he saw Jonas post the meeting and after the allegations. He says he greeted him and gave him a hug.

Zuma says Atul is the family representative because he's the main shareholder.

"Ajay is the oldest brother. Atul is middle brother. Tony is in his late 40s." Zuma says.

Louw asks a quick overview of the 3 Gupta brothers...

"How did the meeting end

"I was acting as a witness in that meeting," Zuma maintains.

Zuma says his function in the meeting with Hlongwane and Jonas was as a mediator.

Zuma says Mcebisi asked about his vehicle and asked to go with him.

"Did Mr Jonas know where you were going?" Louw asks.

"Yes he did." Zuma answered.

Zuma reiterates that he didn't want to conduct the meeting from his home because he doesn't conduct business there.

"The decision for the venue was a difficult one. Uncle Fana wanted to meet in a more private setting." Zuma said.

Zuma goes through similar version of events leading up to meeting Mcebisi Jonas and Fana Hlongwane at the Hyatt Hotel in Rosebank.

Appearing in front of the commission is his legal counsel Piet Louw SC who wants Duduzane to again relate what transpired with the Jonas meeting at the Gupta residence. 

Zuma's defence will now question him...

"I thought it's important that I set the record straight because I don't know why the media would say we gave him [Zuma] questions." Zondo said.

"The fact is the commission didn't send Mr Zuma any questions." Chair Zondo said

Chair Raymond Zondo opens proceedings by referring to a 'Business Day' article that said Zuma would receive questions

HIGHLIGHTS: Duduzane Zuma took the stand at the state capture inquiry on 7 October 2019. Here are 3 key moments from his first day at the inquiry.

She later admitted that after googling Hlongwane’s images, she realised he was not the man Zuma introduced her to.

She had told the inquiry that Zuma approached her while en route to China and introduced her to two members of the Gupta family and Hlongwane.

The credibility of Mentor’s testimony was questioned when she admitted that she was wrong to implicate Gupta-linked businessman Fana Hlongwane in her submission at the commission.

Mentor told the inquiry that the former president’s son introduced her to the Gupta brothers on a plane to China.

Zuma is expected to hear on Tuesday why the state capture commission has not asked him to respond to the testimony of former African National Congress Member of Parliament Vytjie Mentor.

Good morning, it's day two of Duduzane Zuma, former president, Jacob Zuma's son version of events at the inquiry. The son of the former president will conclude his testimony today.

Proceedings are adjourned for today, and will commence at 10am tomorrow.

Zondo says he will get an explanation tomorrow morning about the omission of Mentor. 

Zuma says he has a concern about the evidence pack. "There's a glaring omission of a witness who testified but isn't here." This witness is Vytjie Mentor. 

Hellens says Zuma gets a mention by Mr Sundaram and Mr Ramahlodi but the reason isn't always clear. He quotes Adv Mokoena, saying he's at the "scene of the crime", but Zuma's input isn't always clear.

Hellens: we invite the commission to investigate if Zuma was a co-complainant in a case Zuma says he was not part of. This investigation will destabilise Mr Booysen's testimony.

Duduzane Zuma's counsel Adv Mike Hellens is up now and wants to address allegations by Mxolisi Dukwana. He asks if Zuma knew of or received money from a mine in Jagersfontein mine. Zuma says he knows about no mine that has his interests. 

The inquiry is adjourned until 4pm.

Zuma asks for a bathroom break. Zondo asks if they should try to finish or come back tomorrow morning. His lawyer says they understood they would be present at the commission for two days. 

Zuma has disputed the points in Ramahlodi's testimony from point 3 to 11.

Advocate Mokoena asks if Ramahlodi has made it up. Zuma says more than that, it's an environment issue as there's a whole lot of things printed that shouldn't be there. 

Zuma says he has met Ngoako Ramathlodi informally. Ramahlodi claimed he met Zuma at St George's Hotel. Zuma says this did not happen. Zondo asks Zuma if he's sure. He says there were no formal sittings with Ramahlodi, "whether at St George's or any other place". He says he met with him only in passing. 

"We were more than particularly close. That's my guy." - Zuma

Mr Tony Gupta is a business partner and is a very close and dear friend, says Zuma. "I spent a lot of time with him on a daily basis." 

Zondo observations: 

  • On this occasion, there is someone you are taking the Gupta residence. 
  • That person that they meet at Gupta residence is Mr Rajesh Tony Gupta. 
  • The third aspect is that on the two visits to the Gupta residence, one with Mr Jonas and one with Mr Booysen, the people in question say they were not aware they were meeting the Guptas. But Zuma says they were aware.

Booysen was in Gauteng at the time and met with Duduzane Zuma, and then they went to the Gupta residence, Zuma says.

Zuma says he did meet KZN Hawks head Johan Booysen a few times and introduced him to the Guptas, that there was a discussion with Booysen before he met with the Guptas, and that everyone was aware they were going to meet Guptas when he was picked up at the Gautrain. Booysen's testimony stated he did not know he was going to meet the Guptas. 

Zondo: Am i correct to say [earlier inquiry witness] Booysens expressed interest in meeting a Gupta brother?
Zuma: Socially, yes. 

Advocate Mokoena: To sum up, you did meet him at the Gautrain, you did take him to the Gupta residence, and he did meet a Gupta brother.
Zuma: Correct. 

Chair Zondo puts it to Zuma that his father was more involved in ANN7 than he was.
Zuma agrees with the chair.

Zuma disagrees that there's a conflict of interest in him having shares in ANN7 and the fact that he's the son of then president Jacob Zuma.

Zuma agrees that he had shares in ANN7.

Adv Mokoena is going through the companies that Zuma owns and where he's a shareholder.

WATCH LIVE: Duduzane Zuma at the State Capture Commission of Inquiry PART 2

Zuma says there are a lot of accusations "true or false, that's for the commission to decide" but is due process followed from an investigative perspective.

The inquiry returns from the lunch break.

Lunch break, inquiry will be back at 2:15.

Chair Zondo asks if Jonas was correct, which Gupta brother made the offer?

Comfort break is over...

Zuma calls for comfort break and is given 10 minutes.

Zuma agrees that Nene being removed 2 months after Gupta meeting was coincidence. 

Zuma said he didn't lay any form of complaint against Jonas.

Zuma insists the meeting ended fine and 'everything was cool.'

Adv Mokoena puts it to Zuma that the meeting didn't end well as Jonas said...

Zuma says he got an invite to attend a meeting with the PP but 2 days later it changed to a subpoena. 

Zuma says he wasn't given an opportunity by the Public Protector [Madonsela] to defend himself. 

Zuma says he doesn't know why Jonas went to such lengths to tell people on their meeting and that he was offered a ministerial position.

Remember you can watch proceedings live by following the link below:

Zuma says the person that they met with for breakfast in Parkhurst with Fana Hlongwane was AJay Gupta and not Rajesh, he says he cannot argue and/or speak for someone else but he knows what he knows and he knows who he was with on that day.

Adv Mokoena is going through Zuma's relationship with Fana Hlongwane and what he told the Public Protector (Thuli Madonsela).

The inquiry is back...

It's time for tea break... Inquiry resumes at 11:40.

"He knew exactly where we were going and who we were going going meet." Duduzane Zuma said.

Zuma disagrees that Jonas didn't know where he was going...

Adv Mokoena now moves to Mcebisi Jonas' evidence...

Zuma argues that distance played a key role in choosing a place to meet and talk.

Chair Zondo also asks Zuma why he didn't go to his house, which is close to the Guptas home, to conduct the meeting if they really wanted privacy.

Adv Mokoena asks Zuma why he chose to conduct meetings at the Guptas home...

Advocate Mokoena now goes into the change of venue of the meeting, from the Hyatt Hotel to the Guptas home.

Adv Mokoena tells Mr Zuma that two months after his meeting with Mr Jonas, Mr Nene was then dismissed, "That's correct Chair". Replied Zuma.

Zuma is now going through his statement in support of his application to part take in the inquiry...

Zuma agrees that he was already in a business relationship with the Guptas.

Zuma agrees the meeting took place at the Gupta house in Saxonwold. 

Zuma agrees that he arranged a meeting on 23 October 2015.

"Mr Zuma is here because he wants to be here and not because he was subpoena." Zuma's defence says.

WATCH LIVE: Duduzane Zuma at the State Capture Commission of Inquiry.

Let's cross live to the inquiry...

This wouldn’t be the first time BLF has come to Zuma’s defence.

The party’s leader Andile Mngxitama once said Duduzane was being attacked because he was the former president’s son during his court appearance for the culpable homicide charges he was facing, related to a deadly Sandton car crash he was involved in back in 2014.

“Zuma is a victim of a political vendetta by the Cyril Ramaphosa administration which is abusing state institutions, like the Zondo Commission, to settle political scores in service of white monopoly capital.” 
That’s what Duduzane's staunch supporters, Black First Land First said in a statement.

The son of the former president had initially stated that he would not give evidence as he was facing criminal charges in a similar matter at the time.

Last year, Zuma presented a letter to the state capture inquiry indicating that he was prepared to testify. 

Why is there so much interest in Duduzane? Well besides the fact that he is the former president's son, he's also the first witness who was implicated by Jonas to take the stand.

But wait, there's more... Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor also implicated Duduzane at the inquiry, claiming he introduced her to Rajesh Gupta on a flight to China.

Duduzane was the first person to be charged with corruption related to the allegations, even though the charges have since been provisionally withdrawn.

Former Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas, alleged that the former president’s son drove him to the Guptas’ Saxonwold home, where he was offered the job of finance minister together with a R600 million bribe to do the family’s bidding.

What do we  know so fare?

Good morning and welcome to EWN's live blog about former president Jacob Zuma's son Duduzane Zuma testimony at the State Capture Inquiry.