LIVE BLOG: Ramaphosa explains why officials are suspended with pay

Editors, senior journalists and analysts ask Ramaphosa about South Africa’s risk-adjusted strategy to limit the spread of COVID-19 and the national effort towards economic reconstruction.

Ramaphosa says the Reserve Bank also came to the party by lowering the interest rates. 

The president maintains that had SA not done the lockdown the way we did, we would have lost many more lives.

The president maintains that he expected the economy to do this badly because of where we were as a country before COVID-19 "The pandemic just dealt a triple blow to us."

Questions about labour laws on why suspended officials continue to get paid full salaries and the extent of the

More questions follow...

Ramaphosa says gender-based violence is South Africa's pandemic and has to be addressed. 

"I've never been more serious about anything and that's why I've taken the lead on 

More questions follow...

He says the lack of capacity is huge and the state capture inquiry hollowed out resources. "We are seeking to strengthen systems like Sars, the NPA and other institutions."  

"When are you arresting all those people who have been accused of corruption? When are you putting them in jail?" Ramaphosa says...

The president says the day you have a president who goes around arresting people, you should run for the hills.

Ramaphosa says the labour law dictates that when someone is suspended, they are suspended with pay.

The president now taks about corruption 

The president expresses his trust in Health Minister Zweli Mkhize's team on reporting on COVID-19 deaths

The president says the issue of excess deaths is concerning. He admits that deaths aren't reported as quickly as they should but, the government is not taking ill advice.

Ramaphosa says institutions have raised the matter of being under staffed to deal with prosecutions so the government has committed to helping with funds for that.

A question is asked on when prosecutions will happen...

Is our COVID-19 mortality rate wrong? Another asks.

Should officials implicated in corruption continue to earn high salaries? Another question is posed.

The floor is now open for questions...

Ramaphosa ends his remarks to deal with questions...

The president says the nation must take a clear stance against racism.

"The other challenge we are facing is racism." Ramaphosa says.

The president said SIU, Sars and other authorities are working on OVID-19 related corruption issues.

Ramaphosa: We need to have transparency so people know what they pay in taxes. 

He now touches on the issue of corruption...

The president says "on the economic side we will be able to come up with actionable sides."

A screenshot of President Ramaphosa 

Ramaphosa: We did expect that we would have to come with system packages twice and recovery programme and plan. 

"I wasn't shocked because prior to the beginning of COVID-19 I did say that the pandemic would affect may lives and the economy would suffer greatly," Ramaphosa says.

Ramaphosa begins his address.

The president urges people to continue social distancing, wear your masks and sanitize your hands.

Ramaphosa says it's possible to get a second wave of COVID-19 surge but authorities have put measures in place.

President Ramaphosa starts his address by talking about what government is doing to fight the spread of COVID-19.

What will the journalists and analysts ask Ramaphosa? 

He urged South Africans to do all they can to help rebuild the economy. 

On Tuesday, Ramaphosa said the decrease in the GDP during the second quarter of 2020 reflected the severe impact of the global coronavirus pandemic on the economy.

This engagement acknowledges the important role public media play in educating and assuring the nation and holding public institutions to account.

Editors, senior journalists and analysts will ask Ramaphosa about South Africa’s risk-adjusted strategy to limit the spread of the COVID-19 and the national effort towards economic reconstruction.

So, what will the president and the editor's forum be talking about?

The president spoke to Sanef during a similar engagement on 31 May 2020 that he would interact with them and other media institutions as part of maintaining transparency and dialogue with various stakeholders in society.

The engagement is part of the president’s ongoing dialogue with different sectors of society.

Hello and welcome to EWN's live blog about President Cyril Ramaphosa's question and answer with the South African National Editors’ Forum (Sanef).