LIVE BLOG: Caster Semenya: 'My plan is running until I'm 35'

Standard Bank Top Women, supported by UN Women and the Commission for Gender Equality, launch the 2019 Top Women Conference

WATCH LIVE: Caster Semenya live from the Top Women Conference

That's a wrap for the live chat with Caster Semenya.

"I still believe that I have a lot to offer. There are still a lot of things that I want to achieve."

"My plan is running until I'm like 35," she says she might even do the Comrades Marathon.

Semenya says she still has 10 years in her to keep going as an athlete.

Semenya says if she wasn't an athlete, she might have been a soldier or even a spy, she jokes.

Semenya speaks about what she's learnt as a businesswoman. She says she's had to learn about patience, marketing herself.

"We need to structure a forum where all women come together. We contribute whatever we have in that forum."

"Since I've been in sports, I've never really felt supported by women," she says.

Semenya says women empowerment goes beyond just words. She says it starts with loving one another.

"To me, leadership is allowing people to do what they do best."

"We teach them to love themselves and accept themselves. We try to shift their mindsets so they can be great."

The foundation empowers boys and girls.

Semenya now talks about her foundation.

"If you look into my situation with IAAF, these guys were like 'we want to control this human being'. They tried but they failed."

"I know there are young girls who want to be like me... What I'm selling to them is not fake... it's me."

"Of course I get hurt, but I get hurt for like two seconds..."

"I cannot respond to mediocrity. I cannot respond to negativity."

Semenya says through her sport, she's had to learn to love herself and respect other people.

"From young, I already knew what I want in life."

"Whoever is going to stop me from running, needs to drag from the track," she says about the time she went through gender tests.

"Running fast does not come from genetics, it comes from working hard."

Semenya moved away from soccer to atheltics while in primary school.

As a child, Semenya wanted to be a soldier. She says her parents acceoted her for who she is when she was still young. They supported her. 

"Athletics is my destiny. It's something that I think fulfils me... When I'm on the track, I forget everything," says Caster.

Semenya begins by talking about her upbringing: "I grew up around boys... I was always in the bush... I was one of those young girls that had no fear. I had goals. I knew that everything that I touch will turn into gold."

Positioned as South Africa's preeminent initiative to advocate for the advancement of gender empowerment, Standard Bank Top Women, supported by United Nations Women and the Commission for Gender Equality, launch the 2019 Top Women Conference on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 August 2019 at Emperors Palace Conference Centre.