LIVE BLOG: 'We ask you to give ANC a resounding mandate to fix Tshwane'

The ANC is the last of the big three parties in South Africa to launch its LGE manifesto.

WATCH LIVE: ANC launches manifesto

A few responses from other parties...

Ramaphosa has ended his address.

"We now know that unless you, the voters actively partner with us in our mission to build better communities we will not be able to achieve the pledges we make in our manifesto. And so today we ask you to go out and vote on the 1st of November. We ask you to give the ANC a resounding mandate to fix Tshwane, our capital city, and every other city, town, village and rural area in the country."

"Throughout the city, infrastructure funds are diverted while residents living in coloured, Indian and African communities face burst pipes, over-flowing sewage, roads filled with potholes and dilapidated parks and sports facilities."

"In many areas of this city, rubbish is not collected regularly and lies in huge dumps attracting flies and rats. Informal settlements have not been upgraded and the city has failed to make land available so that residents can access serviced stands and move out of inhumane settlements on dolomitic land."

"Once more families could not wash, could not flush their toilets. Parents could not cook for their children or wash school uniforms on time."

"People living in Atteridgeville, Laudium and Hammanskraal, for example, have faced long periods without water.
Just last week, water in Laudium and Atteridgeville was cut off yet again for nearly eight days.

"As the African National Congress, we are well aware that many people here in Tshwane and elsewhere in the country decided not to vote for us in the 2016 local elections. We understand that you were disappointed with the ANC, discouraged by our shortcomings and angry about allegations of state capture and corruption."

"No-one must be discriminated against or attacked on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In all our programmes and in all our activities, we need to ensure that we empower women economically, socially and politically – so that we can steadily advance towards the achievement of gender equality and a non-sexist society."

"We must intensify our work to make homes, public spaces and places of work safer for women and children. The fight against gender-based violence is our collective responsibility.
The ANC will continue to tackle violence against the LGBTQIA+ community with the same resolve that we tackle other hate crimes."

"As part of promoting social cohesion, we will rebuild and rehabilitate sports and arts and culture facilities to create programmes and opportunities, especially for young people and women."

"We extend to his family, his colleagues and comrades our deepest sympathies.
As with every violent crime in our communities, we call on the police to spare no effort in finding those responsible and ensure that they face the full might of the law."

"The ANC will work with communities and law enforcement to build safer communities and fight crime and substance abuse. Even as I address you this evening, the people of Tshwane are mourning the tragic and brutal killing of Tshepo Motaung, an ANC candidate for these elections and a local councillor in Mabopane."

"We will end the outsourcing of essential local government functions, end the practice of labour broking and work to create sustainable municipal jobs."

"Too many local government functions are still outsourced. This weakens the ability of municipalities to fulfil their basic functions and creates more room for corruption and malfeasance."

"Within our own ranks, the ANC will continue to apply the ‘step-aside’ rule for any members that have been charged with corruption or other serious crimes. Any ANC member-facing allegations of wrongdoing must appear before the ANC Integrity Commission to explain themselves."

"Where there is evidence that a crime has been committed, the matter will be referred to law enforcement. We pledge to act speedily against officials conducting business with municipalities and against those implicated in maladministration."

"We will subject any and all representatives and officials who fail to do what they are meant to do, to disciplinary action or other corrective measures. Where necessary, people will be removed from their positions."

"Over the last two years, we have made important progress in ending state capture and fighting corruption. We have done this both within government and within the ANC. We are committed to make this happen at local government level."

"Many municipalities are confronted by corruption and mismanagement, which divert crucial resources needed to meet the needs of the people."

"As part of the renewal of our movement, and to strengthen local government leadership, we have implemented a rigorous interview process to select ANC mayoral candidates.

This is to ensure that every person who is placed in this crucial leadership position in ANC-led municipalities has the experience, capabilities and commitment to fulfil that responsibility."

"We are committed to making sure that municipal staff are competent, experienced and have the necessary support to execute their duties in service to communities."

"We are doing better and we are doing things differently to make sure the best people are appointed to run our municipalities."

The ANC will support small scale farmers.

"We will continue to provide special COVID-19 grants."

The ANC will drive local economic development.

"We will continue upgrading informal settlements."

Ramaphosa says they speeding up land reform.

Many communities still experience unstable electricity supply. Ramaphosa says the ANC will increase the contribution of renewal energy to the grid.

Ramaphosa admits the quality of water is still poor in many municipalities. He says they will improve infrastructure.

"Now is the time for us to focus on local government and we intend to do just that."

Ramaphosa says water supply for all will be improved.

"Corruption is being thoroughly investigated. Stolen funds are being recovered."

Ramaphosa highlights efforts to strengthen law enforcement agencies.

"There is much more to be done."

Ramapahosa says the ANC has been working to restore itself.

This evening, we present to the people of SA, the ANC manifesto, which is our plan and solemn plan for the next 5 years. We pledge to you the people of SA that we will do much better... We have not always done the best that we were meant to do. We admit that we have made mistakes.

They want the ANC to correct its mistakes and selflessly serve its people.

They want a renewed, revitalised ANC.

People want councillors they can trust... who will be available when problems arise.

Our people want leaders who are not corrupt.

South Africans want tarred roads and pavements. Potholes must be filled to avoid burst tyres.

Our people want protection from crime, water, electricity, sanitation and refuse removal - simple things.

People want local government to provide the services they need.

He says the ANC government has provided much-needed support during COVID-19.

Ramaphosa recounts the difficult time we have experienced during the pandemic. He says we have recorded 90,000 deaths and we are getting to 3 million cases. Nearly 2 million have lost jobs.

Ramaphosa sends greetings to former president Jacob Zuma and wishes him a speedy recovery.

"We ask the people of SA to vote for the ANC in these LGE."

"I'm so delighted to see so many of you wearing your masks."

He starts by protocol greetings.

Ramaphosa jokingly starts with "Fellow South Africans".

'Phakama Ramaphosa now being sung.'

Gwede Mantashe says it's a manifesto of commitments.

Ramaphosa will address the crowd now.

Vote and vaccinate, says Nzimande.

Nzimande says there has been massive rollout of water and electricity and this cannot be underplayed.

The SACP's Blade Nzimande is now addressing.

'The ANC is the party that can lead people to a better life."

Losi says the wages of 6 million workers have been improved by the ANC.

Losi says the government is turning the tide.

Losi says the ANC remains the home for workers in SA.

Cosatu President Zingiswa Losi now addresses the crowd.

The ANC says it admits it has failed in some municipalities.

Dlamini says the WL will campaign in the name of Albertina Sisulu.

Bathabile Dlamini addresses the crowd on behalf of the ANCWL.

The YCL says come 1 November, Tshwane will be back in the ANC's hands. They say the EFF will never win any municipality.

She says the YL will work to rally youth to vote.

Mhlauli takes a jab at Julius Malema, calling him a populist.

The ANCYL demands that skills and capacity be at the forefront when deploying servants.

The ANCYL demands that 100 municipalities in the ANC be led by young people in key posts.

The ANCYL's Nonceba Mhlauli says other parties' manifestos are not worth the paper they are written on and they have appropriated the ANC's values.

The various wings of the ANC are now addressing the launch.

A musical item is now being delivered.

An opening prayer is now being conducted.

The national anthem is now being sung.

ANC Chair Gwede Mantashe now opens proceedings.

Ramaphosa has arrived at the square.

Mbalula is getting the crowd going...

The party’s number one will take to the stage set up across from the Palace of Justice, where former leaders of this former movement were once convicted.

Church Square is bustling but instead of the expected party supporters, it is mostly passers-by, media and security personnel at the event.

Unlike its previous manifesto launches, which were held at stadiums, this one is a muted affair because of strict COVID-19 regulations.

Ramaphosa's address to supporters is only slated for later but the build-up to the event has started.

The party has been gearing up to this day for some days now...

During the last local government elections, the ANC blamed its inability to address unemployment, poverty and inequality on slow economic growth – fast forward to 2021 and the picture looks much worse.

Ramaphosa has already previewed some of the ANC’s councillor candidates, who he implored to embody ethical servant leadership.

Its president, Cyril Ramaphosa, will deliver the party’s 2021 local government elections manifesto this evening in Pretoria’s Church Square.