LIVE BLOG: Nicky Newton-King promises to respond to #SandtonShutdown demands in 7 days

South African women gathered outside the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the banner of the #SandtonShutdown to highlight the scourge of gender-based violence.

WATCH LIVE: Women protest against gender based violence in Sandton

In other news, next to the JSE, at the Marc (that's a name of a mall in Sandton) Planet Fitness is offering women self-defence classes...

Let's head to the Twitter streets for reaction: 

The women are now singing...

The JSE CEO didn't sign the memorndum of demands.

She is booed.

The JSE CEO whispers that she's unhappy because she doesn;t want to have a conversation. "This is your crowd and you must control them," she tells one of the activists."

"I hear you loud. I hear you clearly." Newton-King says she will have conversations with leaders to see how to solve the issue.

"WITH MONEY!" One protester shouts.

The protesters refuse to listen to one of the activists trying to address them..

The protesters are shouting "We want Cyril to come..."

She ends off with: Thank you for your visit.

"Your memorandum makes important points and we will take it to Business SA to see what their response is." Newton-King

Newton-King: "Can you imagine what a special country we would live in if we could be ourselves?"

Nicky Newton-King, the woman in charge at the JSE, talks to the women and says the women's voices are loud.

Actress Rosie Motene said she stands in solidarity with all women. "Penny Lebyane we believe you!"

The protest organisers are leading the women in song

Activists are now taking turns giving speeches...

Mandisa Khanyile said: "No means no! We submitted our demands to government and those demands outline the plan to fight gender based violence and we don't understand why we haven't seen any of those demands being met." 

One of the organisers, Mandisa Khanyile, addresses the crowd over some of their demands to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Some images from the protest...

Now for a traffic update, these are all the roads that are closed: 

• Grayston Drive, from Rivonia

• 5th Street

• West Street

• Fredman Drive

• Maude Street

“We believe that as a huge player in the country, one that has influence and affects the lives of so many people especially black women, business has been quite disturbingly silent on these issues.” Lindelwa Nxumalo from the group Call For Action explained.

Brutal murders including those of students Uyinene Mrwetyana and Natasha Conabeer shook the nation, with President Cyril Ramaphosa describing the abuse of women as a stain on the nation’s conscience.

In recent weeks, people blasted social media platforms with desperate pleas for action and users joined searches for missing children and women.

Women gathered outside the Johannesburg Stock Exchange under the banner of the #SandtonShutdown to highlight the scourge of gender-based violence.

Good morning and welcome to EWN's live blog about the Sandton shutdown.