What are the solutions?

Officials admit there will never be no outages. But surely there are ways to keep the lights on?

The obvious answer in South Africa seems to be solar powered traffic lights. This would mean that even when there is loadshedding, the lights stay on. Several corporates have approached officials offering to pick up the tab and pay for solar panels at major intersections. But companies are being told that they have to pay up to R30 000 to put up advertising, if they want to sponsor the solar panels. JRA and City Power are also throwing responsibility for solar lighting back and forth and neither entity wants to take the lead.

What about UPS backups? In the past, when the JRA put UPS boxes at intersections, they were all stolen within a couple of weeks. SIM cards also disappeared in a matter of days. Now the JRA is experimenting with a great, big metal box called The Titanic to keep criminals at bay.

Solar Power

Why aren’t we using the sun to keep the traffic lights on? Watch as the JRA and City Power toss responsibility like a hot potato.

Science of traffic lights

We wanted to know whether there was a real person deciding how long the lights stay green for or if there was a clever computer somewhere doing the maths.