How do we stop them going out?

Officials are fighting back.

The JRA is working to replace old infrastructure and is also rolling out new controllers. They want to keep the cable age below 50 years and are also introducing earthing mats to try and prevent lightning damage.

The JMPD, City Power and JRA are also trying to take on vandals. The Infrastructure Protection Unit has been set up to combat this problem. They’ve also had to resort to spending hundreds of thousands of rand on private security companies, Remote Monitoring Systems, vibration detection sensors and putting up CCTV cameras.

There is still room for improvement though and a team based on the model of the Copperheads in Cape Town could do the trick.

Vandalism Exclusive

Eyewitness News has obtained exclusive CCTV footage of vandals targeting a popular intersection in the south of the city. We’ve also asked the authorities what they’re doing to stop the relentless attacks from criminals.