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Xanderleigh Dookey Makhaza is an Eyewitness News video producer.

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Cheryl Zondi: I am willing to testify again

Cheryl Zondi, one of the young women who have accused controversial pastor Timothy Omotoso of rape, said that she is willing to take the stand again if she needs to. Zondi was the first to testify against Omotoso and his two co accused. During the trial, Zondi, who gave a detailed explanation of what she says she experienced as a member of Omotoso’s church, faced tough cross-examination from Omotoso’s lawer Peter Daubermann, forcing the presiding judge to reprimand Daubermann.

Killed over sunflowers: A look back at the Coligny case

In 2017, the small town in the North West was rocked by violent protests after a 16-year-old boy was killed by two men who accused him of stealing sunflowers. As the men return to court for sentencing, EWN takes a look back at the case.