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Thomas Holder is an Eyewitness News multimedia producer based in Johannesburg.

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State of Nation: Xenophobic violence in South Africa

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT AND LANGUAGE. In 2008, xenophobic violence swept through South Africa at an alarming rate. In 2015, it happened again. Most recently, in August 2019, South Africans again targeted foreign nationals, their businesses and lives coming under threat. Borders Episode 2 looks at the lives of migrants and refugees living in South Africa, and the dangers they face trying to find sanctuary from persecution.

STATE OF NATION: Inside SA's xenophobia crisis

Speaking to experts, perpetrators and victims, Eyewitness News journalists Thomas Holder and Nickolaus Bauer take a look at two sides of the problem - what it means to be on the receiving end of the results of this confusion, and why the misunderstanding exists in the first place.

State of Nation: A deeper look at the xenophobia crisis in SA

The South African government's lackadaisical approach towards migration is not only reinforcing dangerous xenophobic stereotypes but costing the country economically. This is the sobering view from economists, academics and lawyers as South Africa picks up the pieces after sporadic violence was unleashed against foreign nationals several weeks ago. After at least 10 deaths, millions of rands in projected damage to property and billions estimated in lost economic productivity, the South African state has been adamant that xenophobia is not behind the unrest.

Boks return victorious to SA

The victorious Springboks, having recently won the 2019 Rugby World Cup, returned to 5,000 fans singing, dancing and cheering their return at OR Tambo International Airport.

Zimbabwe gives late Robert Mugabe a hero's farewell

The late former President Robert Mugabe was given a national hero-style state funeral at the National Sports Stadium in Harare. Despite the many empty seats, nothing was spared for the father of the nation.

Mugabe to be buried at Heroes Acre

After a week of negotiation, the Mugabe family, traditional chiefs, and the Zimbabwean government have agreed upon the former president's resting place.

Violence runs rampant in Joburg

Looting and violence continued to spread throughout Johannesburg as police attempted to clamp down on flare-ups. Click here to subscribe to Eyewitness news: Like and follow us on: Keep up to date with all your local and international news: Filmed and Edited by: Thomas Holder Produced by: Thomas Holder