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An analytical overview of the new e-tolls model

Public transport analyst Paul Browning discusses the raft of changes to the e-toll funding model after a panel was set up to review the socio-economic impact of the system in Gauteng.

Hope for first year students battling to cope

702's John Robbie speaks to Dr André van Zyl about how the South African National Resource Centre plans to help first year students handle the transition from high school to university.

Saving the world...with fly larvae?

Fly farmer & co-founder of AgriProtein, Jason Drew, talks about creating a new kind of animal protein using fly larvae & discusses how he hopes to save the world with it.

'BBBEE should stay broad based'

In response to govt announcing changes that could narrow the reach of empowerment programs to a few black industrialists only, Intellidex MD and Analyst Stuart Theobald argues that Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment should stay broad based.

Does humour in advertising work?

Enjoying a good laugh during an advert can be very entertaining, but does it work in advertising? Branding and advertising? Expert Andy Rice analyses a few funny ads. Picture: Celebrity cat, Brother Cream.

Certificate for Grade 9 school leavers in the pipeline

Basic Education Department discusses the General Education & Training Certificate that can be handed to pupils who leave school after grade 9, to go and study further at a Technical Vocational Education and Training College.