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New Frame is a not-for-profit, social justice media publication based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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No escaping the ‘river of death’

Bodies are still missing after heavy rainfall in KwaZulu-Natal caused massive flooding. Now distraught families are left to pick through the wreckage of their lives.

OPINION: Democratic degeneration

South Africa’s once grand hopes have collapsed into pettiness, cynicism and a lack of emancipatory vision. Renewal can only come from a democratic reconfiguration of the popular.

Teachers’ union tackles homophobia

Institutions of learning should act decisively against those in their midst who act in a homophobic manner. A teachers’ union has taken up the cause on behalf of a bi-gender educator.

EDITORIAL: Injustice stalks dissent

As three activists walked free after six months in jail, it was again clear that the ANC, in cahoots with the police and justice system, keeps grinding popular dissent against the rock of repression.