Mpho Lakaje

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Mpho Lakaje is an Eyewitness News contributor based in Johannesburg.

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An abandoned legacy: Homes of SA’s political activists left to rot

Eyewitness News visited the homes of prominent historical figures in South Africa’s journey to democracy and discovered that some of the buildings had been allowed to fall into ruin. Are South Africans neglecting their country's history? #FreedomDay #StruggleHeroes

The unexpected upside of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been ruthless to global economies. At least two million people in South Africa lost their jobs in recent months. But the coronavirus is serving as a springboard for some local entrepreneurs. Find out how.

Stratcom: What it actually was and means

Stratcom, also known as Strategic Communications, was a police unit setup to create and spread false narratives against political enemies of the National Party government.