Lisa Joshua Sonn

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Lisa Joshua Sonn is a social activist. Follow her on Twitter: @annalisasonn

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[OPINION] The language bridge

Lisa Joshua Sonn says the language we speak is insignificant as we reach for the connections that unite us as human beings.

[OPINION] Silence is a killer

Lisa Joshua Sonn says in our beloved crying country, 3 to 4 women are murdered by their intimate partners every day.

[OPINION] On educating girls

Lisa Joshua Sonn says we need to focus on raising girls who are not from positions of access, but who can provide leadership and add value to their places of study, work and our country.

[OPINION] Social justice worrier

Lisa Joshua Sonn’s greatest drive is that people realise that human connection is the only way to solve so many problems.

[OPINION] Women and power

Lisa Joshua Sonn says it is possible to be powerful without force, without loudness, without blame, without contestation.