Lisa Joshua Sonn

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Lisa Joshua Sonn is a social activist. Follow her on Twitter: @annalisasonn

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[OPINION] Just let children be

Lisa Joshua Sonn says that when parents live vicariously through their children, it disallows the child the opportunity to develop at their own pace and into their own self.

[OPINION] Yes, black teachers are real. Are you?

Lisa Joshua Sonn asks why our children don't have access to more black teachers than white teachers in a country where people say they are committed to transformation and redressing inequalities of the past.

[OPINION] If not you, then who?

Lisa Joshua Sonn says if we all participated in good-old-fashioned neighbourliness, we could change the world, one life at a time.

[OPINION] When the teacher is the bully

Lisa Joshua Sonn says that teachers have a vital role in the lives of the children they teach but have absolutely no right to engage in personal attacks or insults against the young children they are meant to teach the right things to.

[OPINION] Fathers and daughters

My memory without filter was that my father was involved, connected to and unconditional in his love and support of us as young girls and secure young women.

[OPINION] We need to hear each other

Lisa Joshua Sonn says racism is making its nasty self comfortable as we battle it out on social media instead of face to face and ear to ear.

[OPINION] There is no greener grass

Lisa Joshua Sonn says she’s a South African wherever she is and can’t imagine emigrating and taking on a new nationality without feeling despair and loss.