Lindsay Dentlinger

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Lindsay Dentlinger is an Eyewitness News reporter based in Cape Town.

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NCOP delays passing of NHI Bill to 6 December

The bill, intended to provide universal health access for all South Africans, has been moving through the parliamentary process since 2019 and was scheduled for final adoption on Wednesday.

Patel remains hopeful SA will continue to benefit from AGOA

He told Parliament while government would like to see changes made to AGOA's graduation policy - it did not want this to delay a decision by the US government to extend the preferential arrangement with African countries for another ten years.

ANC hits back at parties opposed to Iran's BRICS inclusion

The African National Congress (ANC) on Tuesday labeled political parties opposed to Iran’s inclusion in the BRICS bloc of countries as hypocrisy during a parliamentary debate on the recent BRICS Parliamentary Forum hosted by South Africa.