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More trouble for Bill Cosby

More allegations against Bill Cosby continue to roll in. The comedian has never been charged and his lawyers have called the allegations that have resurfaced in recent weeks 'discredited' and 'defamatory'.

Is your webcam safe?

A Russian website is live streaming from the personal webcams of thousands of people around the world. CNN's Erin McLaughlin reports.

Hollywood Minute: Matt Damon surprises Bourne fans

An acclaimed screenwriter disappoints his fans, Matt Damon has a surprise for Bourne fans, and an animated film tops this weekend's box office. Nick Valencia has more in today's Hollywood Minute.

Details emerge on Ottawa gunman

Details have emerged that the gunman who opened fire in the Canadian Parliament on Wednesday may have had contact with jihadists in Canada.

Remembering James Foley

An American beheaded by ISIS militants may not be the last. CNN's Andrew Spencer reports that ISIS is threatening to kill another American if the US doesn't stop its military operations.