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Inside ISIS

CNN's Fred Pleitgen speaks with German author, Juergen Todenhoefer about his rare trip into the world of ISIS.

The Hollywood Minute

Another Hollywood movie scrapped, Backstreet Boys are back and ‘School of Rock’ heads to Broadway.

Ebola victim seeks damages for dog

Spanish nurse Teresa Romero who survived Ebola is seeking damages from a local Spanish official. She's also hoping to get compensation from authorities for putting down her dog.

North Korea's hacking network

A defector says Pyongyang has a vast network of hackers around the world and they're part of a secretive group called "Bureau 121".

Blackberry vows to win back customers

Blackberry's CEO told Richard Quest that he has listened to customers and wants to win back loyal users who have abandoned the brand. The company, which once dominated the smartphone industry, now accounts for just one percent of the sales worldwide.

The Hollywood Minute

In this week's Hollywood Minute, Charlie Sheen reprises an 80's role and we take a look at the Sony hack.

Man gets 2,000 Christmas cards

A Michigan man's mailbox is full this holiday season. So far, he's received nearly 2,000 Christmas cards and each one is making his holiday even brighter.

USA, Cuba thaw relations

There has been a swift reaction in the US following President Barack Obama's plans to normalise relations with Cuba.

Typhoon Hagupit rips through Philippines

A powerful typhoon tore through the Philippines on Sunday bringing with it howling winds that toppled trees and power poles and cut off communications. CNN's Saima Mohsin has latest.

Police chase on a skateboard

A Los Angeles driver tried to get away from police using a skateboard, when a reality star stepped in to stop him.

Hollywood Minute: Prince Harry's secret

Prince Harry shares a secret, a huge treat for Breaking Bad fans, and Frank Underwood returns. Andy Rose has these stories in today's Hollywood Minute.