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Remembering the man behind Mr Spock

Leonard Nimoy, one of science fiction's most iconic actors, passed away aged 83 on 27 February. CNN's Jason Carroll looks back at his career.

Groundhog faces arrest in the US

Winter has been too rough and some cold New Englanders now want Punxsutawney Phil arrested for bad weather predictions. CNN's Jean Mackin reports

Copenhagen shootings leave two dead

A free speech discussion turned deadly in Denmark, after gunmen attacked an event attended by controversial cartoonist Lars Vilks. CNN's Andy Rose reports

'Kicking it' with robot dogs

A viral video showing the ability of robot dogs to recover from being kicked has left some viewers irked. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports

Hollywood Minute: Grammys announce next host

A familiar face will be on the Grammys stage again this year, and Sony finds another way to distribute 'The Interview'. CNN's Jeremy Roth has these stories and more in today's Hollywood Minute.