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E-filing with Sars

Mark Kingon, group executive for escalation and operations at Sars clarifies what the procedure is when consumers are unable to get a calculation when e-filing.

What to do when you default on car payments?

Takalani Mudau, acting Manager of Complaints at the National Credit Regulator clarifies what the situation is when you fall behind with a car payment or similar, and gives an update on the Lewis Group's breach of the National Credit Act.

WC approves Uber operating licences

Transport MEC Donald Grant says despite Uber partners receiving operating licences, the service itself is not prescribed by the National Land Transport Act.

Uber vs metered taxis

Ayub Baker, former chairman of the Western Cape Metered Taxi Council, discusses whether Uber’s application for drivers to legally operate will force the metered taxi industry to change its game plan.

NSRI on water safety & child drownings

NSRI’s Andrew Ingram discusses water safety and drowning incidents involving children after a toddler was found face down in a pool at a house in Milnerton on Monday.

Cango Caves & its missing millions

GM at Cango Caves, Hein Gerstner, talks about how R16 million meant for operational expenses disappeared from an investment fund last year.

Long Street in the spotlight

City of Cape Town officials Mo Hendricks, JP Smith & Jeremy Vearey discuss safety on Long Street after a bar doorman was stabbed to death.

PJ Powers & the Spar Tops ad

Yvonne Johnson of the PJ Powers Organisation discusses a recent campaign by Spar in which PJ Powers’s name was used without her permission.

'MI6 unlawfully intercepted LRC emails'

The LRC‘s Avani Singh discusses the centre’s concern over emails being intercepted & the extent in which this occurred, or on whose authority this was permitted. [Image: MI6 HQ in London - Victoria Redfern]

Reaction grows over CT's sewage debacle

Senior lecturer at the Department of Community Health at the University of Stellenbosch Dr Jo Barnes, discusses the controversy surrounding three marine outfall pipes in Cape Town.

The impact of migrant entrepreneurs

A new project allows migrant entrepreneurs to introduce new products, opportunities & bring in scarce skills to the informal economic sector.