Ahmed Kajee

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Ahmed Kajee is a multimedia producer at Eyewitness News.

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AU to test Madagascar's so-called coronavirus remedy

Madagascar is putting its, plant-based so-called cure for COVID-19 on sale and several countries in Africa have already put in orders for purchase, despite warnings from the World Health Organisation that its efficacy is unproven.

From babies to the elderly: Care centres face hunger during lockdown

Care centres for the young and the elderly and orphanages - like the rest of the world - have been impacted immensely by the coronavirus lockdown. Eyewitness News visited two care centres in the South of Johannesburg to find out what challenges they are facing and how they're overcoming them.

When your favourite sports could resume

With the sporting calendar brought to a standstill in recent months due to the coronavirus, many sporting bodies have discussed potential dates of resumption. EWN takes you through different leagues and tournaments from around the globe.