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The end of the Mugabe era

Timeline of key events during the rule of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, and the final days of his formal leadership.

The gender gap at work

The percentage of women and men employed in the main sectors of the economy and the percentage in management positions, according to the 2017 Gender Gap report by the World Economic Forum.

Tangled web of Russian meddling in US polls

A graphic on the meetings and phone calls that were initially undeclared, but later revealed, as an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential vote continues.

Plagues: Causes, symptoms and history

The bubonic and pneumonic plagues and septicaemic are deadly infectious diseases. Look at the symptoms, causes and history of these deadly diseases.

Catalonia’s battle for independence from Spain

A timeline of Catalonia’s quest for independence from Spain. Spain has announced it will suspend the region's autonomy after it said it would go ahead with a declaration of independence.

Inside the seizure of Raqa

Key dates in the battle for Raqa in Syria by Islamists and its subsequent capture by the Arab-Kurdish force SDF.

The Fifa scandal timeline

Timeline of scandals and corruption investigations at the global football governing body Fifa.

Timeline for 2018 World Cup

Key dates in the 2018 World Cup football championships. The finals are to be played in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018.