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Chip shortage 'likely' to hit second half, BMW predicts

Brussels issued BMW and Volkswagen with the fine for colluding on the development of anti-pollution technology for diesel cars. Daimler, which participated in the wrongdoing but alerted authorities to it, was spared any penalty.

China's Wuhan to test 'all residents' as COVID returns

Authorities announced on Monday that seven locally transmitted infections had been found among migrant workers in the city, breaking a year-long streak without domestic cases after it squashed an initial outbreak with an unprecedented lockdown in early 2020.

Australia's Qantas to furlough 2,500 workers

Qantas said the airline had gone from operating almost 100 percent of its usual domestic flying capacity in May to less than 40 percent in July due to coronavirus restrictions. Most of the affected staff are based in New South Wales, a state that is largely cut off from the rest of the country and the world by travel restrictions.