IEC working with law enforcement to ensure voter registration not disrupted

Protests in some areas in Gauteng on Saturday resulted in some voters being unable to register to vote for the upcoming general elections.

IEC voter registration

JOHANNESBURG - The Electoral Commission (IEC) said it is working with law enforcement officials to ensure that protests across the country don't prevent people from getting to registration stations.

This follows protests that erupted in some areas - including Mamelodi and Soweto – on Saturday, resulting in some voters being unable to register.

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Sunday is the second day of voter registration, with thousands expected to make their way to the stations.

The IEC said it is unfortunate that people used this time to air their frustrations.

"In certain communities, there's still the practice of linking genuine concerns by communities to the electoral process in a very deleterious way, in a way that disrupts and interferes with the rights of other citizens who may be inclined to go update their registration details," said IEC deputy CEO Masego Shiburi.