Gift of the Givers confirm member and his brother targeted and killed in Gaza

Abbasi, a father of three, served the people of Gaza since 2013 after being appointed as the head of the Gift of the Givers office in the region.

Head of Gift of the Givers in Gaza Ahmed Abbasi was killed in the region amid the Israel-Paelstine conflict on 16 November 2023. Picture: Supplied/Gift of the Givers

CAPE TOWN - A Gift of the Givers member, killed along with his brother in Gaza, has been described as a kind, gentle and warm human being.

The humanitarian aid group said Ahmed Abbasi and his brother were targeted while returning from morning prayers on Thursday.

GOTG founder Imtiaaz Sooliman noted that Abbasi - a father of three - served the people of Gaza since 2013 after being appointed as the head of the humanitarian foundation in the region.

"He was our office head for 10 years, responsible for implementing multiple projects including the care of orphans, widows, the elderly and the ill. He delivered water through our desalination plants, distributed food parcels, provided hot meals and upgraded damaged homes."

Sooliman says GOTG is grateful that Abbasi served the organisation and the people of Gaza for 40 consecutive days during the ongoing war.