'Marumo Gallants owe me more than $37 000' claims Libyan hotel owner

Marumo Gallants CAF Confederation Cup match against Al Akhda took place in Libya 11 days ago, but two of the club's staff members are still in the country pending money owed to the hotel owner by Gallants chairman Abram Sello.

The owner of the Libyan hotel where two staff members of DSTV Premiership team Marumo Gallants are staying in, says the pair is being treated well and that without him, the club's match against Al Akhda would not have taken place.

The CAF Confederation Cup match took place eleven days ago, but Gallants team manager Rufus Matsena and therapist Dina Dhlomo are still in Libya, pending money owed to the hotel owner, Dr Ali Elzargha.

Marumo Gallants chairman Abram Sello is allegedly still to make an outstanding payment of more than $37 000.

Speaking on #MSW, Dr Elzargha says he put in a lot of effort to get the team to Libya for the game.

We all thought it was only going to be one or two days but it’s now been 11 days. Until Marumo pays, the staff will stay here. They are staying in nice rooms and they are being looked after as if they were guests. The club called me for a booking and its not the first time they came to me.

Dr Ali Elzargha, Libyan Hotel Owner

They were asking me for tickets to fly here but all airlines were full because of Ramadan. I found a way to get the tickets and told them how much they will cost. I brought them to the hotel from the airport. They said they would send the money from South Africa to Libya. I gave them a few different accounts for them to send the money, they haven’t paid that money yet.

Dr Ali Elzargha, Libyan Hotel Owner

Dr Elzargha added that the club owe him more than $37 000.

The amount was 37 000 dollars, but the guys have been here for 10 more days so it’s more than that now. I am not holding anyone, it’s just an agreement between me and the chairman. I don’t get any information from the chairman.

Dr Ali Elzargha, Libyan Hotel Owner

These guys that are here should be home with their families. I don’t care about the money, I don’t want anyone to play with me. Without me, they would not have been able to play the match.

Dr Ali Elzargha, Libyan Hotel Owner

Watch below for the full interview with Dr Ali Elzargha:

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