Illegal colleges decrease due to the co-operation with SAPS - Higher Education

Several fly-by-night colleges have popped up to desperate students who pay huge fees for a post matric degree.

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JOHANNESBURG - The Higher Education and Training Department says co-operation between law enforcement has led to a decrease in the number of illegal colleges operating in the country.

Several fly-by-night colleges have in the past popped up, taking advantage of desperate students who pay huge fees for post-matric qualifications that are not accredited.

Higher Education's Ishmael Mnisi said the department was able to close down several illegal colleges but, the smaller colleges kept popping up.

"The number of these colleges that we have found particularly at our big City such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and North West so we are dealing with a small percentage of those that might be exiting currently", he said.

He said that the department physically inspected all colleges.

"Our processes that follows with our quality assurers ensuring that the content of the courses that are offered by these colleges are of high quality - where those college are based and if in terms of our standards, we allow them and if it is not in line with our requirements, we ask them to improve before we can give accreditation", he said.

The department called on students to check the websites for tertiary institutions that were officially accredited.