'Hi and bye' - one 'skrrr skrrr' wife's fitting words to Mnakwethu's Mseleku

JOHANNESBURG - "Yebo (yes) and goodbye" is how the latest wife featured on polygamy show Mnakwethu greeted the host - Musa Mseleku, as she walked out dishing some expletives on the side.

The popular polygamy show affords men the opportunity to bring their partners on television to ask them to agree to a second or third wife, girlfriend, partner - for one reason or another. Or, as one tweep put it, "a show where men ask Mseleku to legitimise their infidelity."

And while there have been many eyebrow-raising and equally infuriating moments from the show, here are five takeaways from the latest Mzansi Magic instalment - perhaps why the weekday show has been trending on social media well into Sunday.

  1. When your pain as a black person, a black woman in particular, is to be made 'fun of' or 'light of' on television, you have no obligation to sit through the humiliation. You can, like the woman from this episode, graciously greet and then be on your way.

  2. The crew could've stopped rolling and dealt with the situation instead of showing a full-blown fight for the entertainment of viewers. How is intentionally broadcasting violence ever okay? And no, this isn't the US.

  3. The problematic things Mseleku says amid the fight - reeking of patriarchy undertones, when arguably he should've been busy with point 2 above. For example, he points out that she said: "Must I call my boyfriend to fetch me?" This was directed at the man - Siya who brought her there, seeing as he seemingly wanted the 'show to continue' when she clearly wanted to leave. Mseleku then wants to dwell on that point mid-fight, saying he is confused. Please make it make sense.

  4. The comments from Siya, again mid fists flying: "You want me to fight back...I'll never hit you and you know that." He sees this disturbing situation as a chance to appear angelic. The 'not me' brigade.

  5. Eventually, after the wife shows disturbing receipts, Mseleku admits that this is a nightmare, because the serial cheater sleeps around, "with anything on two feet," Mseleku's words. And that's the only minor redemptive part on his end because he sees this for the mess it is and advises that the wife and her family should return lobola and the wife and their 2-year-old son should the get the hell out of this clear toxic situation.

This is how some people reacted on social media: