She said yes! We get an update on the Comrades proposal

The Comrades Marathon runner who proposed in unique fashion to his partner on Sunday says he's thrilled to have his answer.

Who is Prudence?

That was the question on many lips during the Comrades Marathon on Sunday, as runner Joseph Kagiso Ndlovu crossed the finish line carrying a message for his love: "Prudence, will you marry me? Run 90K for you."

While her identity remains a mystery, Ndlovu confirmed on Monday that she said yes to his proposal.

I was ecstatic when she said yes, and we've only been together for four months. After our prayers and doing all the rituals and stuff, I said to her I was going to propose, but she didn’t know how, when, and where.

Joseph Kagiso Ndlovu, Comrades Marathon participant

The news that the elusive Prudence agreed to marry Ndlovu will certainly make many social media users happy. While some said he was insane for running 90 kilometres for a marriage proposal, others said they had hoped Prudence would say yes, after the stamina Ndlovu displayed before popping the question.

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