Munsieville community joins hunt for Zama Zamas

Residents have started blocking entry into part of the township with burning tyres.

An abandoned mine. © mulderphoto/

JOHANNESBURG - The search for more illegal miners, also referred to as Zama Zamas, continued in the Munsieville area on Gauteng's West Rand on Friday.

Residents have started blocking entry, into part of the township, with burning tyres. They say most of the Zama Zama's who fled the areas which were raided on Thursday, are in Munsieville, and that's why the community has moved to that particular area.

Most parts of Kagiso have been quiet on Friday, with some leftover burnt tyres and stones from yesterday, still seen at some entry points into the township. However, traffic police indicated earlier on Friday, that the access into Kagiso's extensions is blockaded.

Meanwhile, in Munsieville- which is located just outside Krugersdorp, residents are on the hunt for the Zama Zamas. The police are not in sight at the moment. The protest is still quite peaceful, and the group of locals gathered is fairly small.

It remains to be seen whether any suspects, apprehended on Friday, will be handed over to police.