REVIEW: MacG finally gave us the LEBO M-Coming Home debrief we were waiting for

JOHANNESBURG - We finally got the Lebo M - Coming Home reunion we've been waiting for, sort of, when he graced Podcast and Chill with MacG with his presence.

Some celebrities who show up on that podcast end up spilling the beans, and Lebo M sure did when he started speaking about his family and relationships.

The South African singer, performer, producer, and music composer for The Lion King movies and global stage productions Lebohang Morake, also produced and composed the FIFA 2010 World Cup opening and closing ceremonies in South Africa. He continued to fly SA's flag high as the music producer and composer for The Woman King blockbuster.

Lebo M has made an enormous contribution to South Africa’s film and television industry and his lifetime achievement award at the 3rd annual DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards in 2020 put an even greater stamp on his iconic work. It was after this achievement, that Lebo M agreed (as he says in the podcast) to film his reality show Lebo M - Coming Home.

Through watching his reality show, I got to know something about the man behind The Lion King, as he gave us a peek into his family which up until now has pretty much remained in the domain of the tabloids.

In the ten-episode series, we experience Lebo M's family dynamics as a son, husband, and father - also trying to mend his relationship with his own son Tshepiso who himself is now a father.

I was intrigued by Lebo's marriage with his now ex-wife Angela Ngani-Casara and wondered about the way certain scenes in the show were presented such as their heated arguments. Thanks to Podcast and Chill with Mac G some of my questions were answered - or at least from Lebo's perspective - when he opened up about his relationship with Angela.

In the podcast, Lebo says that the emotions he reflected on the show are exactly who he is in real life. Angela on the other hand, he insists, adopted a different persona, especially for the cameras.

He says: “Everyone who knows Angela and me privately would tell you that, the Angela you see on screen is not the real Angela. I’m a villain on the show. When you see a person that you love become a different character on camera it is confusing.”

Lebo M even confirmed that he and Angela were not in a relationship. He said Angela was only in his life because he was helping her.

“Go back and watch the show, you don’t see Angela and I holding hands," he elaborates.

I also sensed Lebo's pain as he spoke of trying to reach out to his son Tshepiso, of trying to build a harmonious relationship with him, of how he wanted to have those important conversations about manhood and life in general. And I felt the cry of a grandfather trying to forge a way to spend time with a grandchild who he hasn’t yet met.

In the podcast, Lebo also touched on his first marriage, admitting that he should not have married so early in his life, adding that is why he believes his son is not yet ready for marriage.

While Lebo M's show debrief was helpful, my ardent wish is for the whole family to sit down together for a reunion, as so often happens in these reality series. I would love to see their reactions to some of the more controversial scenes and allow them the opportunity to clear the air. And of course, answer our big question - will we get a second season of Lebo M's fascinating life?

Producer and composer of Hollywood films like 'The Lion King', Lebo M. Picture: Supplied.