CoCT to pay cash for excess power generated by (some) customers

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| The City says this applies to commercial and industrial customers for now and residential customers will be added later.

The City of Cape Town has announced changes to its new policy to buy excess electricity from generating customers.

In the past, small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) customers were compensated through credits on their municipal bills - now they will be paid cash.

These customers will also be permitted to sell more electricity to the City.

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While the policy initially applies to commercial and industrial SSEG users, the City plans to expand it to include residential customers over time.

This includes residents who have small residential solar PV installations.

Whereas in the past generating customers were required to be net consumers of the City’s energy; they will now be incentivised to become net producers says Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis.

In this way, our residents will become crucial partners in ending load-shedding in Cape Town.

Geordin Hill-Lewis, Cape Town mayor

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