Landlord apologises over SA-linked woman who lay dead in UK flat for 2 years

Image credits: Screengrab of CEO Ian McDermott from Peabody video, photo of Sheila Seleoane from @WhyUfikelate on Twitter

| Sheila Seleoane's remains were discovered in her London apartment more than two years after she died.

A UK housing association has issued an apology after it was discovered one of its tenants had been dead in her Peckham apartment in London for two and a half years.

Sheila Seleoane, whose age has been reported variously as 58 and 61, was found dead after neighbours had repeatedly reported disturbing signs of a problem since 2019.

Tenants told the association about a foul smell and the presence of maggots.

A report Peabody commissioned found that it "didn't join the dots" and realise something was wrong after 89 attempted contacts with Seleoane.

While we followed processes... our teams operated independently of each other... When taking action in this case, we didn’t ask the most fundamental question – is Sheila ok?

Peabody - UK housing organisation

Seleoanae was reportedly born in London to a woman who had emigrated from South Africa, and worked as a medical secretary.

Her body was found in February by police officers who forced entry after residents heard her balcony door swinging open following Storm Eunice, reports the BBC.

The cause of death could not be ascertained due to the advanced state of decomposition and she was identified by her dental records.

Peabody says it has already made changes to some of its policies, including investing in customer-facing teams.

In the case of Sheila Seleoane it had "relied on electronic communication and letters, and considered the check-up done".

It's reported that her ashes have been returned to South Africa to be buried next to her mother in the Eastern Cape.

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