DA to legally challenge Eskom's proposed 32.7% electricity increase

| Refilwe Moloto speaks to Democratic Alliance MP Kevin Mileham about Eskom's proposed 32.7% tariff price hike to Nersa.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has bemoaned power utility Eskom's tariff increase proposal of 32.7% to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa).

Eskom has also proposed a R938 tariff charge for solar users.

The party said the increase would be unmanageable for South African households and businesses in the face of continued power outages.

DA Member of Parliament Kevin Mileham noted that Eskom battled billions of rands in debt while it struggled to recover further billions that municipalities owed the hamstrung power utility.

He added that the proposed price hike was Eskom's way of lessening its financial burden, adding that consumers were not at fault but the municipalities that continued to cripple the power utility with unpaid electricity bills

Mileham said the DA would challenge the government's plans in the Gauteng High Court.

He added that this has laid bare the chaos that was currently prevailing in President Ramaphosa’s government on the energy front.

It is a huge disincentive to our renewable plans as a country and to Eskom's ability to keep the lights on if we're not encouraging people to take some of the burden off Eskom by putting solar on their roof. We should be incentivising homeowners and businesses to put solar on their roof.

Kevin Mileham, Member of Parliament - Democratic Alliance

Mileham urges the public should raise their concerns through public participation hearings about this increase to prevent Nersa from granting Eskom's proposal.

The tariff application has to be published by Nersa by 1 August at which point it will be open for public comment and Nersa typically has public participation hearings at which they invite people to make submissions. I would encourage civil society, NGOs, and individuals to make those submissions to Nersa, particularly from a cost of living perspective.

Kevin Mileham, Member of Parliament - Democratic Alliance

Listen to the full interview below.

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