How you can spread a little sweetness with Cupcakes of Hope this Mandela Day

Refilwe Moloto had a chat with awareness coordinator at Cupcakes of Hope, Stephanie Malan about raising funds for the organisation - which helps kids with cancer.

This Mandela Day, charity organisation - Cupcakes of Hope is calling everyone to spread a sugar rush of sweetness to help children with cancer.

The organisation, which turns 10 in September, wants you to cook 67 cupcakes and sell them to your loved ones on 18 July. The funds raised from the sale of the cupcakes will then be donated to Cupcakes of Hope to aid in their financial support to parents with children who have cancer in South Africa.

Aiming to raise around R2 million a year, the organisation also donates around 550 care bags a month to 20 oncology wards in the country for kids up to 17 years old. This helps with the alleviation of the financial strain put on parents, especially those without jobs, and parents who leave their jobs to look after their little warriors.

We help all children from South Africa with day-to-day needs, medical costs, because we do understand that it is a difficult situation... A lot of times both parents in today's world they don't have jobs, or a mom has to leave their job to look after the child in hospital. So, financially, it's straining for these parents.

Stephanie Malan, Awareness coordinator - Cupcakes of Hope

It truly is the sweetest way to give back!

You can find out more about Cupcakes of Hope on their website here.

Listen to the full interview above.

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