Pork prices sizzle, sales improve as cost of lamb and beef soars

The Money Show's Bruce Whitfield interviews Arnold Prinsloo, CEO of pork brand Eskort.

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As consumers batttle to keep up with increases on all fronts, the pork industry has highlighted that its prices remain low amid soaring food inflation.

South Africans love their meat and “a simple switch" to pork on dinner plates could save families hundreds or even thousands of rand each month, says Eskort CEO Arnold Prinsloo.

... pork is increasingly stepping up to the plate to relieve pressure from budgets, offering consumers a cost-effective protein alternative at an average of just half the price of beef and a third of the price of lamb.

Arnold Prinsloo, CEO - Eskort

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On The Money Show, Bruce Whitfield asks Prinsloo if choosing pork is just a question of price, or whether it offers a real value proposition.

Prinsloo reaffirms that it's one of the cheaper protein options and along with that, is also very versatile.

Per 100 grams, you will get the best buyer's protein if you compare it to beef and chicken... The other proteins' prices have increased dramatically over the past year and the pork price has been stable.

Arnold Prinsloo, CEO - Eskort

I think it's that the pork producers - the farmers - have increased their stock over the last year by more than 5%, and the consumer's under pressure.

Arnold Prinsloo, CEO - Eskort

Prinsloo gives a per kilogram price comparison and possible reasons for the hike in the cost of beef.

At the moment the beef price to the farmers is about R60 and to the lamb farmers R110, whereas pork farmers are getting around R28. We think that after the good rains some of the farmers are keeping back their beef stock... and therefore the price has risen whereas with pork the pigs are coming through from the farms...

Arnold Prinsloo, CEO - Eskort

A number of groups in South Africa do not eat pork out of principle (religion's rules, dislike of pig farming practises...) - does this result in low demand?

Pork is becoming more popular at home and in the rest of the world Prinsloo says.

Obviously some communities don't eat pork, but pork is the most consumed meat in the world... If you look at China, Europe, America... and the popularity is growing by the day because of the versatility and the variety that you can buy.

Arnold Prinsloo, CEO - Eskort

What is the local industry doing to address the possible image deficit of pork? Whitfield asks.

"It's all about promotional activity in the stores... I think Sappo (South African Pork Producers' Organisation) is doing a great job as well in assisting retailers to market pork more aggressively... and sales are growing day by day."

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